A new Era of blender Competitors

Everyone always wants to be on top, unless they are doing reverse cow girl or helicopter

if competitors cant come up with new ideas they will just mirror what is popular in there industry.

like what iphone does with android “16 major iOS 14 features Apple ‘borrowed’ from Android and Google” or how cinema 4d added scene nodes which is similar to geometry nodes.

And how zbrush introduced the cloth brush a few month after it was added to blender.

to be fair blender does this too, before geometry nodes Houdini was creating geometry with nodes right from its conception.

but all in all, we as the community have benefited from this completion, we have better render engines, better sculpting tools, better modeling tools and generally better user experience thanks to the competition.

you may think that this competition is just blender vs other 3d applications but no it goes deeper, we are starting to see real competition among blender developers which has ushered in a new era of high quality products like addons and generators.

thanks to the money you are paying them, addon developers are now able to invest 1000s of dollars into addon development to improve the quality and functionality of there addons for example.

we went from blender having no way of doing crowds simulation to having 4 products that can do it in just a few clicks.

first there was human generator that could be used to generate characters and scatter them with some crowd simulation features.

then we got procedural crowds this became the first dedicated crowd simulation addon on the market and the most popular by far, it has alot of the features you expect in a crowd simulation addon, like scattering people, crowd behavior, randomization and object avoidance, this is great for when you are making a peaceful crowd but if you want chaos you have to look into Horde.

Horde is another crowd simulation addon mostly for simulating a horde of zombies, they can run, they can jump they are scary and menacing. the addon comes with all the expected features of a good simulation system and if you want a clean and less chaotic crowd you just have to switch out the zombies for normal people and you are good.

As you can see each addon adds its own twist to the category, and not to be out done, Crowd fashionista is another crowd simulation that came on the market bringing fashion into the mix it comes with detailed characters , there characters by far have the most customization and detail. i guess they are ready for that close up shot.

And then Earlier this week a new crowd simulation addon entered the market, its Population by bproduction, these guys have been in the addon development scene for along time, and each product they release adds a new mark on the niche, population also too comes with everything you need for crowd control and more

The Era of geometry nodes.

if you thought that was competition, enter the world of generators, everything you can think of is, now a generator.

if you need roads with cars making them by your self is going to cost you alot, it takes atleast a day to make one car and you are going to need alot more than that, then you need a system to manage the trafic, if all that is too much for you , there is an addon for that, and its called road generator with cars

maybe all you need is the good old days, before cars, before skyscrapers just the good old medieval towns were plagues and conquests where the norm, then this medieval city generator is the way to go, you can make a large city or a small town, all with a simple curve swipe.

after that you could throw in some rain in the mix with this rain generator, perfect for all shots, just a few clicks, all the materials are setup for you, you can make your roads wet, houses wet, wife wet and more, there is no time to play around, there is no time to pull out, we entered this industry to win , like i entered your mom.

the medieval era came with alot of war, war that caused alot of damage, perhaps you want to bring out this detail in your story if so, the One Click Damage addon can do exactly that, leave no walls untouched, hit the left wall, then the right wall, then the deeper walls, dont forget to use the rain generator tool to add some rain and make all the walls wet, don’t just use it on your hands it works on girls too, remember the wetter the walls the better.

as you can see you more and more tools are creating everyday to make your job or passion more fun.

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