kendrick lama all the stars crowd scene remake

original all the stars video remake and full tutorial

to make the crowd, i animated about three characters with varying wave animations and used geometry nodes to instance them on a plane, to keep there animation, each character is in a collection.

i imported the different collections in geometry nodes and join them into one geometry that i connected to the instance on points nodes. to make sure that the instances are not added to the same point i checked the pick instance check box.

to make the instances face the bot, i subtracted there position from the bots location and used the resultant vector to align the rotation of the instances using the align Euler to vector node.

as you can see the geometry nodes part is fairly simple and straight forward.

  • you add a plane
  • instance a bunch of points on that plane
  • turn those points into instances of collections
  • the collections are the animated people waiving
  • i use collections here because each character can have different meshes like shirt, hair, and other things

working on the sky

to make sure my pc could still handle this project, i avoided anything like volumetrics for the clouds, so i used a few textures on a plane for the clouds.

to animate the clouds, all i did was animate the different layers of clouds by scaling them at different rates.

the planes clouds have a transparency so you can see the back clouds moving behind the front clouds

project files:



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fluid painter:

geo- signs :

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