New addons that boost blender

if you are tired of projects going slow and getting burned out, seat down with me and lets look at these amazing new addons that will boost your blender.

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1 Uv Flow

most people cant stand doing uv unwrapping, its boring, time consuming and confusing to do, but unfortunately you cant texture without uv unwrapping, you cant export your models to other applications without uv maps as well, so you either have to seat through the pain of uv unwrapping or seat and enjoy the process by using this uv flow addon that can unwrap at light speed, the addon also introduces new uv unwrapping features to blender like, new patterns, overlays and more.

2 Lazy VFx

if you need explosions for action scenes, this Lazy vfx addon is exactly what you need, its a collection of vdb assets from, explosions, fire and smoke.

these are all animated and optimized to render fast on your machine so that you can complete your projects on time, the library contains more than 100 assets including static and animated vdbs.

3 Colorframe Renders Pro

if you are going pro as a 3d artist, you should learn a thing or two about presentation, not just presentation for your renders but the make up of your mesh, studios and recruiters like to see how your wireframe render looks and its important you use a tool that can give you the best wireframe renders. if thats what you are looking for, hold on bro i got you.

check out this colorframe renders pro addon that can render wireframe directly in blender, you can choose from different color presets, or even overlay the wireframe on textured models, showing off not only the wireframe but the texturing too all at the same time like the pros.

4 Geo Sign 1.0

speaking of new addons, this one is fresh from the oven, ready to light up your neon cityscapes with neon signs of all kinds, get this addon, its easy to use and versatile, you can make all sorts of signs and comes with a level of customization i have not seen in a while. the signs can be animated and you can choose from a list of templates, making sure you always get the right neon sign for the right city.

5 Moving skies

skies always take up atleast 40% of your rendered image and most of you do not pay as much attention to them as you should and thats likely the reason why your renders are not as impressive as you want them to be. this addon can do the heavy lifting for you, you can get the perfect sky for your render with just a few clicks, the addon is called moving skies and you know what that means! the sky is animated too.

6 Auto-Building

today we are here to boost your creativity and we are living no stone unturned, we looked at sky solutions, presentation with wireframes, uv unwrapping now lets talk about buildings. while skies may take up 40% of your rendered image, buildings can take upto 60% of the rendered image. they are also hard to make and take alot of time especially if you don’t want generic looking buildings. but you guessed it, i have a solution for you, Auto Building addon is a new addon on the block giving you access to customizable buildings, for any style you are looking for, whether realistic, medieval or stylized this addon should have been named the ultimate building addon.

7 200 FX Alpha VFX

as you may know am a big fun of visual effects and a big part of visual effects is compositing, compositing is the act of layering effects onto a render to make them look better and more integrated. for example artists working on sci-fi projects may use alot of simulated effects like beams, energy cores, energy waves and bursts for different shorts. so i know most of you would salivate like i am,at seeing a collection of over 200 simulated effects. so here you go check it out it.

8 Blueprint Procedural Shader

speaking of sci-fi and presentation this is a blueprint procedural shader that i thought you guys may be interested in, you can also use it in your scifi movie scenes it works perfect there too but it shines when it comes to product visualization, showing the underling structure and geometry of your products.

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