making epic environments in blender

most blender artists are not working for a studio or coperation so you don’t have to be working within industry standards all the time, you have the freedom to have fun, and this is what i will show you here, we are going to make this in just a few minutes instead of hours by skipping alot of unnecessary steps required in the industry, like rigging.

full video

checkout blender geo signs

Faking vehicle animation in blender

to pull this off we need to make the tire role, and jump up and down, to fake bumpy movement, we can also do this to the vehicle body.

animate the wheels rolling according to the speed you want, two key frames are enough for this

to fake bumpy movement, tab to the curve editor and add a noise modifier to the z location component, to make the tire vibrate.

you can do this for other parts of the car, this time with different rotation components depending on what you want,

follow path constraint

first you need to draw the path your vehicle is to follow in top view, you can add a curve object and tab to edit mode, make sure you see the entire scene your path is going to cover, select the draw tool, and turn on surface in the header settings. then draw.

you can animate the vehicle to follow a path you have drawn using the follow path constraint, preferably you can parent the vehicle to an empty like the above case, so that the vehicle can move freely, while its parent the empty follows the path set.

to make sure the vehicle turns as the curve turns, turn on follow curve and make sure the animate path button has been pressed at least one.

if the vehicle is moving too fast, you can set the duration of the path animation by selecting the curve and going to the curve settings.

check out this amazing uv unwrapping addon to ease your uv unwrapping in blender

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