Making a straw berry beverage ad

this post shows the steps, screenshots and settings for making this add

liquid beverage shader settings

the main step was to play with the physics simulation of particles and fluids to get what i wanted,

you also have to work with forces like drag and vortex to control the flow and velocity of the particles for example, to explode the berry, i used a explosion modifier with a particle system that starts at frame 8 and ends at frame 9, making the explosion instant.

but because its too fast, all the particles would shoot off screen in a matter of a few frames, so i used a drag force to slow them down after a few frames. the drag force was animated to make sure the particles are not slowed down in the beginning but only after a few frames.

this was done for the berry particle system, and i also added a vortex force to keep the particles orbiting the can, otherwise they would float in the air doing northing since i have the gravity too turned off.

project files:



for the water droplets on the can you can use an addon like

droplet generator.

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