New addons for content creators

if you are a content creator, here are some addons you may want to have alook at, this list is a mix of free and paid addons that are going to speed up your content creation process, from the free photoshop layer based painting addon to a collection of VDBs just because unreal engine 5.3 now supports vdbs.

#1 vdbs and unreal engine

if you are a game developer or sometimes work with unreal engine, you should know unreal engine has added vdb support. So now you can render clouds, explosions and smoke directly inside unreal engine instead of faking them by using optical illusions. addons like atmospheric smoke come with a collection of smoke elements that you can use in both blender and unreal engine.

2 PSD-layers

this new addon lets you paint in blender using a layer based system similar to photoshop, you have control over blending modes, opacity, visibility and more. you don’t need to setup any images your self or save them manually after you paint, all this is handled for you by the addon

working with a layer based system like this makes it far easier to texture paint than ever before, and if you like working with color palettes from the web, you can use the addon to easily import them to blender also the addon is completely free on gumroad but you can get it for 1$ on the blender market.

3 Usync – Blender To Unreal Made Easy

if you want to render your scenes in unreal engine 5 but the import process from blender to unreal is stressing you, stress no more Usync can sync your blender scenes with unreal engine so that you can work between the two programs with ease.

Usync also comes with some additional functionalities like physics simulation, you can do your rigid body simulation directly in blender with more control and precision and with one button sync that with unreal engine.

4 Lazy Vfx 

again because unreal engine 5.3 now supports vdb rendering,, lazy vfx is a collection of explosions, fire, smoke all animated and ready to use with both blender and unreal engine.

5 Procedural Signs

if you are making a city, turn it into a vibrant city with procedural signs, this addons generates any sign design you can imagine, from neon signs, led signs and more with incredible depth and detail, turn a boring render into and urban bustling commercial zone.

6 Fixamo

if you have ever used which is a website with a collection of moccap animation that you can import in blender, you should know about this addon called fixamo, mixamo comes with a lot of animations but they are short 3 to 5 second animations of random actions, combining them into a continuous action can be hard and this addon is what makes it easier.

it can be used to cobine, loop and create mixamo animations with ease. you don’t need to work with the complicate NLA editor anymore, half of the time i open that thing am not sure why nothing is working as expected. so this addon is a life save for me and anyone who uses mixamo.

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