Forget Modeling, everyone is switching to Generators

ever since addons and geometry nodes were introduced to blender, blender has become more like a sims game, where everything can be as simple as pressing a button or placing blocks of assets and changing some parameters to make what you want. of course modeling is not going anywhere since alot if generators are built ontop of handmade models, but i don’t remember the last time a new tool or feature was added to blender that helps with modeling, and it’s not just blender, houdini barely has any polygon modeling features , unreal engine is focusing more on procedural generation too, cinema 4d and max are beefing up there nodes system, so its getting easier to work with blender without modeling anything at all so lets look at some generators and addons that help make that happen.

1 Semi Procedural Bridge

speaking of sims, making bridges like this was functionality found in games like simcity or cityskylines, not DCCs like blender, maybe houdini but not blender, now its here, this procedural bridge generator will help you make bridges that take your terrain geometry into consideration when adding support columns.

2 Cyberscape Pro | Procedural City Generator

a game like simcity can generate a whole city with buildings, people and traffic so why don’t we have a generator that can do that, well we have one that can do better, cyberspace can produce realistic looking cities for day and night time renders, with all the characteristics of a dense metropolitan like heavy traffic and billboards.

3 Geo sign

and if you want to add more detail like large billboards with advertisements or neon signs for closeup shorts, you can use geo sign generator, this comes with a number of templates for billboards, large screens and customizable neon signs.

4 Instant Clean – The Ultimate

when people think of addons and generators, they think of addons or generators that create things, what they forget are addons that are used to optimize and clean up your geometry like this instant clean mesh, its used to repair meshes, correct smoothing, correct normals, optimize the mesh, remove ophan vertices or bubbles in your mesh, make meshes manfold for 3d printing, clean object data to remove unused data or reduce file size and more. this is especially useful for anyone doing photogrammetry

5 Utility Poles Procedural

alot of artists are worried that procedural generators are going to replace artists, but that’s impossible because first they are made by artists and most generators work off existing models, what they are used for mostly is to add intricate detail that would otherwise not be added because it takes to much time or its too complicated to make like this utility pole generator, look at renders with electric poles, most of them are basic and lack detail because its they take much too time to add, unless if the electric pole is the focus of the art, its not going to have this level of detail unless you use a generator like utility poles.

6 Easy Smart Effects & Materials

you have seen procedural textures, procedure materials now let me introduce you to smart materials, the concept of smart materials is most common in applications like substance painter, this is where the material takes into consideration thing like the thickness of the materials, proximity to other objects, ambient occlusion, normal maps, edge angle and more. normally blender materials just map what ever material you have onto the geometry without these considerations but with an addon like easy smart materials, your renders can look more realistic than before.

7 Medieval Procedural Generators Pack

if you are making a medieval environment, consider this generator, this is by the same artist who create procedural castles so if you have that too, you have a complete set of tools to easily generate detailed medieval worlds.

8 Aircraft Generator

yes modeling is fun but dont you love the power of unlimited variation you get with generators, forexample this generator can create hundreds of procedural air crafts by just changing a couple of sliders, the materials, texturing and design are all procedurally generated, so you get aircrafts that look different material wise and geometry wise.

9 Memsaver Memory Optimizer

while addons like instant clean optimizes your mesh, memsaver will speed up your render time buy optimizing your materials and textures, it uses a procedural approach to reduce the texture size of objects far away from the camera while retaining the resolution and detail of textures closer to the camera, giving you reach detail where its needed and just enough resolution to maintain the quality of the render for far objects that are not the focus of your shot.

10 Forest Nodes

most of the time when you are adding trees to your scene they are just background details that wont get much attention, but sometimes you want the trees to be the main actor of your scene, the focus point, so for something like that you are going to need more control and flexibility that other addons and generators don’t provide, you are going to need what the forest nodes generator provides.

you get realistic trees, with procedural wind at different speed and different behavior for each tree type, closeup detail and more.

11 Cliff Generator

if you need a procedural way to create cliffs in blender, this generator can make a wide range of cliffs, they come with rocks, grass all setup for you.

12 Airdust

if you want detailed animated air dust particles in your scene i have the right generator for you, this Air dust generator adds particles of unique shapes to add more realism to your scene.

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