God level Geometry Node projects

if you want to get inspired and your mind blown away, take a look at what these artists are doing with geometry nodes.

1 fully procedural bird simulator

have you ever thought of generating birds completely with geometry nodes, the animation, feathers, body, all made procedural and customizable to make any kind of bird, well thats what Jesse is doing, his one of the most active geometry nodes artists and has created alot of high level demostrations, from fluid sims, destructions and more.

2 impact simulation

geometry nodes has attracted alot of creative technical artists to blender, i swear before geo nodes, demos like this, where hard to find and yet now everyday we get a demo that shows a completely different way to make things, like this lava and impact explosion without any smoke or liquid simulation just simulation node.

demo 2, Lava

3 Painting

speaking of unconventional workflows, xeofrios shows how you can create the blender guru donut by just doing everything manually, his not playing tricks on you, by using a particle system or fancy shaders, his just doing it like you would in your kitchen.

download project

4 Cell fluids

you gotta love these new fluid solvers, they are realtime and just look amazing, to get the same results using manta flow you need to let your pc simulate overnight if its even able to handle the simulation, but here shahzod takes on realtime fluid simulation using geometrynodes and he managed to pack this into an addon that you can get for your self.

5 Eevee next vertex displacement

if you where not impressed by the fluid sim, then this should impress you, this is not a particle system, the grass you see on your screen is all displacement in eevee, eevee is evolving into a whole new engine capable of mesh lighting, global illumination, raytracing and vertex displacement based on shaders.

6 ocean waves

another demonstration of the power of eevee next is this ocean wave by celestialmaze.

7 wooden platform

the strength of geometry nodes is the ability to add alot of detail that would otherwise not be added simply because it would take to much work to do, pavel Oliva shows off his geometry nodes skills again or yes this is not his first time to blow our minds on the channel he also made the free buildfy generator.

other staff from pavel

demo 1

8 supermarket shelves generator

if you need shop shelves filled with products, this supermaket generator can create the detail you need with just a few extrusions.

9 satisfying tracers

if you want some satisfying sim, look at these curve tracers by higgsas, his also the creator of this brain simulation

brain simulation

and the geometry deformer pack.

10 laser impact

its not surprising that most of the geometry nodes demos you will see on the internet are made by the same group of artists, for example cartesian caramel made this laser impact sim and also this spider web sim,

Spiderweb simulation test 3

demo 2, demo 3

he also made this Nano shirt morph animation

the animation and rigging is all procedural and the spiders them selves.

Geometry nodes based rigging

other demos he has made include these,

procedural rigging

Venom transition

demo 2

sean terrelle is also another geometry nodes artist and he made this amazing erosion simulation, it turns any terrain mesh into a realistic eroded terrain using simulation nodes.


Edemo 2, demo 3

demo 2, demo 3, demo 4

demo 2, demo 3

procedural animation

another geometry nodes artists i like to follow is shahzod, here is his version of a procedurally animated spiders, and some bug simulations.

Test bugs simulation

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