7 unique New Addons this week

the blender community takes the trophy for the most innovative community in the industry, its just different, we dont wait for new features to come to us, we dream of them and make them our self, and this week was a special one with alot more new features new addons and new libraries brought to market, so lets dive in and have a look at them.

1 Geo swarm

bugs are nasty, but this geo swarm addon makes them look satisfying to watch, watch over 50 animated bugs, critters, flies, insects, swarm your renders, they can be attracted, repelled or spawned endlessly on your command. add realism to your renders with geo swarm, you can get a 25% discount with the coupon code geoswarm.

2 Real Damage – Realistic Internal Damage

there are other damage generators out there but this damage generator is just perfect, not only does it add exterior damage to walls, blocks or any object it also manages to add depth to the damage by adding internal structural detail, like rebar and steel mesh, that would be exposed from the added damage giving you more realistic destruction.

3 Blender Render Queue

its hard to imagine why blender does not come with a render queue option by default, but there is also alot of work needed to be done constantly at the blender headquarters so we cant be too demanding of them, so until they get around to add a built in render queue function, this program is the best option, if you have multiple projects you want to render or if you have one project but want to render some variations, you can queue your projects one after the other and they will render in the order you have set.

this is a complete standalone application separate from blender and works in the background, all you have to do is drag and drop the project files you want to render into the application and they will be added to the queue.

4 Forest Generator

thinking of making a forest!, think of this forest generator as it can save you hundreds of hours, you just set the boundaries of the forest and just press the generate button, the ground, trees, overgrowth will all be generated for you on the fly.

you can customize the forest as you want, make it as big as you want or as detailed as you want. and if you want to place a building in the middle of your forest, this generator provides a delete zone you can use to clear any area of the forest you want, but of course it does it in a realistic manner, only clearing things you would want to clear, like large tries and rocks, leaving short grass and small trees so that your buildings are still part of the environment.

5 Zip Merge

the marge by distance and merge at the center are functionality that are built into blender by default, they are great for merging vertices by distance but sometimes they dont create the desired effect, they endup changing the shape of the mesh and most of the times will merge some vertices you dont want merged and mess up your uvs as well.

this Zip merge addon provides an alternative way to merge vertices, when the vertices are merged here the edge loop retains its shape and does not destroy your uv map or the structure of your mesh, like marge by distance does.

6 Softbody Simulator

this is a softbody addon, it can be used to alot of things, like jiggle physics, chains, with out using the slow softbody simulation system in blender, it can be great for making tails and alot more.

7 Bagapack – Addon Bundle

bagapie, the makers of baga rain, baga pie and more have bundled there addons and generators into a bundle you can buy, it includes the rain generator, baga ivy and all the bagapie modifiers and assets collection.

Vdb Loops – Blender Addon

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