New God level Geometry nodes projects

to know how good you are, you have to compare yourself to the best, and these guys are the best blender geometry nodes artists, there projects are god tier. you give them a vertex and they give you a whole world, today lets look at 9 new god level geometry nodes projects of this week.

1 Jacket formation

first we have the jacket formation project, i like that in this transition, you are not just looking a nano particles forming a jacket like the ironman suit in avengers infinity war, but you actually see the jucket folding onto the body, the transition is flowless, this project was made by carstesian caramel who shows the full process of making this transition and many others on his live stream, he also has a gumroad and a blendermarket page where you can download his projects.

2 bird Generator

last week when we looked at this bird generator it was still in its early stages of development, there were no textures and the animation was still being polished now the animation is flawless, the textures are spot on and the birds are just perfect. and what is even more perfect than the birds is the fact that you can download the generator for free right now on gumroad.

3 open water generator

thinking of making an open water scene with detailed water that is beyond a simple bump texture and more detailed than the ocean modifier but way more optimized, check out Martins open water generator, the mesh is only subdivided where the camera is looking conserving polygon count while maintaining detail. the generator can also make detailed wakes with foam. Martins is the founder of physical addons the makers of physical starlight and artmosphere so if you want a copy of the open water generator you can watch the physical addon blender market page for updates

4 knitting generator

before he made the bird generator, he made the knitting generator, this level of detail is what you would expect from expensive software like houdini or cinema 4d, but miettinen shows its not about the tool, its the artist. everything is possible with blender.

5 Missile projectile generator

this was my own creation, i wanted to make missile projectiles with smoke trails but i did not want to do a smoke simulation because a domain large enough to contain the whole projectile would be too expansive to simulate and too expansive to render, you can also checkout the full step by step tutorial and project file.

6 what you draw is what you get

sometime extruding vertices to make models can be too much work, if you are good at drawing, you can simply just draw what you want, you wont get a 3d model, but you will get an animation of what you drew.

7 Particle simulation in geometry nodes

we are only waiting for blender to officially support physics simulation in geometry nodes, but unofficially several artists have demonstrated its possible and likely the future. this simulation by seanterelle further demonstrates this, by simulating over a million particles, with support for collisions, friction and more.

8 Stair maker

no stone goes unturned with geometry nodes even architects will enjoy new features and tools like this stair maker generator, you slide a few parameters and you get detailed stairs, withs beams, railing, riser and more.

9 Knitting generator

we are entering christmass season, its time to make some sweaters, if you cant make them in real Life, this knitting generator addon will help you make them in the digital world.

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