New Version of Marvelous designer 12.2

the most popular cloth designing software Marvelous designer has just updated to version 12.2 and it brings new features on top of all the great ones it already has.


multiple avatars

the best feature of this new update is the option to work on multiple avatars at once, this not only speeds up workflows, you can now have cloth interactions and collisions between multiple characters.

and importing new avatars has been simplyfied too. now when you import a new avatar you get the option to add instead of replacing the existing one by changing the load type to add.

In addition when importing fbx avatars, normally there location is set to the center of the world, but now with the option to add more avatars, you can offset the location on importing to avoid intersecting.

this new option of working with multiple avatars also means you will have multiple sets of patterns to work with, so new tools have been added to help with that, like you can also offset the sewing patterns in 3d space, to match the same offset of the new imported avatars.

in addition new selection tools have been added to allow for selecting linked patterns, that can be selected by sewing connections or other parameters.

you can also export all the avatars and garments at once or export by selection from the export window.

Rollup feature

one of the hardest things to do in marvelous designer was rolling up sleeves, this usually required multiple steps but now with the new rollup feature, you just select the outline of the 2d pattern and use the rollup tool, you can rollup upto 3 times with the option to adjust the rollup distance.

Uv packing

there is a new uv packing tool for automatic uv packing, Selected UV shells can be automatically packed into the target UV tile.

these are ontop of major improvements and features we saw in marvelous designer 12 back in apirl, like improved retopology , an improved animation editor with simulation keyframes which lets artists isolate simulation issues and adjust timing or create looped animations.

there was also a new feature that lets you create spiral patterns in the 2d pattern window.

these and all the new updates are what keeps a program like marvelous designer a head of its industry unfortunately its steap price and subscription model is not something most artists can afford,

simply cloth a marvelous designer alternative

if you are wondering of alternatives, Simply cloth has also updated to version 3 with new features like draw cloth sets, this lets you paint cloth patterns directly onto the character that you can easily turn into cloth patterns.

there is also a new smoothing brush to remove any jugged edges that may be created by the draw brush.

similar to marvelous designer, simply cloth also added a simple rollup feature to help you fold sleeves,

while simply cloth may not be marvelous designer, it presents a good alternative for anyone working on a budget.

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