Hot new addons of the month

to many blender artists addons have become a life saver, a way to deliver on time without compromising quality, away to have more detail, more quality and better results.

So if you are that type of artist here new addons that are going to help you achieve more in less time than before.

Iconface: Lego-Inspired Face Rig

most blender artists have dreamed of making there own film or short animation, but less than 10% have realized that dream, making a lego movie is a great way to break that curse, they are easy to animate, the models are even easier to make, the only hard thing would be animating there facial expressions or making them speak, but that is now easy too thanks to icon face, this lego inspired face rig will help you make your legos speak, shout or make any expression you want. the addon also comes with other presets to add detail to your lego characters, like beards, all types of lips, freckles and more.

Colorist Pro – Luts & Viewport Color Grading

one of the easiest way to make your renders look better by a large margin is doing color collection or color grading, it does not add on render time and when it comes to animation, you only have to work on one frame and your colors are applied to all the other frames. the problem is good color grading requires alot of experience and requires some work , if you have non of the experience or don’t want to do the added work, try the new colorist pro addon, it comes with luts and different color presets for any type of render you are working on.

Realistic Touch – Surface Imperfection

another simple yet effective way to add production quality and realism to your renders, is adding surface imperfections, they can go into your roughness input to add micro effects like dust and grunge onto surfaces and materials. this level of detail is what usually misses in alot of renders which make them look lucking in detail and quality.

Alot of artists thanks to youtube videos now know the importance of surface imperfections like grunge maps and scratch textures, the only problem is where to find good quality one, most of what you find on google are low resolution textures, and since most surface imperfections are added when the camera is up close to the surface the low resolution textures make the renders look worse than without the imperfections. this is why a library like the realistic touch has become one of the most popular library on the market today, it comes with over 200 4k surface imperfection textures, from scratches, stains, wipes, dust and more.

Clean Panels Pro – With Delayed Addon Loading

More artists are relying on addons and extensions to produce more quality than before, quality that could only be produced by large teams or spending lots of hours on are project is now getting done by one person in even less time thanks to addons, the problem is there are so many addons that do different things, and you rarely use all those addons at once yet they take up valuable space, the clean panels addon is not exactly new but it has received some amazing updates. you can now filter through addons, access all your addons in a list, hide or show addons as you want, and now there is a pie menu to help you access your favorite ones faster. this is going to help you declutter your blender interface by only showing you addons that are necessary for the project you are working on.

Physical Open Waters

the developers behind the physical starlight and atmospere addon have added another banger to there list, the physical open water addon. this addon lets you build photorealistic seas and oceans with one click. with Real time responsiveness in Eevee allows you to prototype stunning scenes in seconds.

the addon comes with ready to use presets to help you Save time and if you create your own, you can save them in your own preset list to use later on other projects.

Baga Street

if you are creating outdoor scenes or if your are interested in architectual visualization, Baga Street is a must have. baga street is basically a collection of tools, modifiers, geometry nodes setups and tools that are going to be your daily goto when it comes to out door scenes.

every asset you can think of that goes on the street, is included in this library and an accompanying tool to help with placing that asset.

this library has over 400 assets with 4k textures all optimized and prebaked for peak performance, bringing efficiency and realism to your outdoor creations.

“Shaders Plus” – Caustics, Thin Film, Dispersion For Cycles & Eevee (V3

everyone loves caustics but everyone hates rendering them, because they take too long, thats why they are disabled by default for cycles, and dont work in eevee, without the shader plus addon.

shader plus caustic extension uses a clever way of rendering caustics in realtime and adds support for eevee as well. you can render realtime caustics, dispersion and thin film all using one addon and all in realtime.

Shaders Plus comes with 69 standard Shaders Plus Presets, as well as 6 Modular Presets, giving you tons of options and freedoms to really nail the look of your scene!

Stylized Tree And Plants Library Flora Paint

if you are an npr artists, you should add flora paint to your list of favorite addons 700 artists have already favorited it in just 8 days of its realise, why because it comes with over 500 stylized assets, ready with materials and lots of variations.

this is not just a library of stylized assets, but it comes with tools and ways to help you customize the assets to your liking. all the trees come with wind animation that you can adjust or turn off.

Node Tools Asset Library

if you have used geometry nodes and like it, which i know alot of you do, you are going to love the node tools asset library, this comes with over 40 premade geometry nodes tools. these fit well with your asset browser so you can just drag and drop them in your scene when ever you want.

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