GeoGen a new landscape generator

Create Stunning Landscapes, Terrains, and Planets, in Real-time.

Why Should I Use GeoGen?

GeoGen represents a novel approach to terrain and planet generation, setting itself apart amidst remarkable competition by pushing the boundaries of innovation. The user interface of GeoGen is sleek and user-friendly, simplifying the process of creating new worlds. It incorporates contemporary node-based workflows, distinctive simulations, and enhancements tailored for gaming applications, positioning GeoGen as an indispensable resource. Currently in its alpha phase, GeoGen has ambitious plans to surpass the existing market offerings with groundbreaking advancements.

Effortless Procedural Planet Creation Unmatched in the market

The terrain editor uniquely facilitates the effortless creation of entire planets. Drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of space-themed games and movies, with an integrated toolset that transforms terrains into planets with just a few clicks. Enhanced with comprehensive atmospheric rendering, stars that shimmer in the backdrop, and an array of extraordinary nodes, geogen enables the rapid creation of stunning planets.

Instantly Import and Export Game Ready Data

Export an array of game-ready data types and textures:


  • Meshes
  • Texture Masks
  • Color Maps
  • Water Planes
  • Heightmaps


  • Planet Mesh
  • Octahedral or Equirectangular Height Maps
  • O or E Texture Masks
  • O or E Color Maps

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