Blender Addon Bundles are here.

blender market is filled with a lot of hidden gems, from shaders, procedural generators and addons, most of the time what you get is a single addon or generator but today if you want to more value for your buck take a look at these bundled addons, coming in pairs, triads and larger collections.

Blender Modifiers Bundle

this bundle comes with addons like:

  • image to volume, which will turn any image texture into a volume object with a single click,
  • the image tracer, throw any image at this tool and it will trace its outline into a mesh, this is super useful if you want to save on render time since instead of using slow alpha based textures you can just use meshes.
  • surface patterns, a powerful tool that allows you to create 3D patterns on the surface of an object. It creates a grid of meshes and warp it around the object using it’s UV coordinate.
  • Geometry Stacks Generator This tool stacks objects onto the surface of any object. it does this by instancing the meshes, it`s very easy to your computer to handle, adaptive terrain, infinite displacement, multi instancing tool, procedural bricks and more.

Simply Addons Bundle

VjaceslavT has been an exception addon developer for years, i was blown away when i first saw his simply cloth pro addon, which he followed up with more addons like simply concept, simply mesh, simply wrap and more, if you are a big fun of these addons, you can now get them as a bundle which includes:

  • simply cloth pro, a popular addon for dressing characters up in blender,
  • simply concept for concept artists who want to actualize there ideas quickly,
  • simply micro mesh for generating micro detail on meshes
  • simply wrap for wrapping objects onto other objects with ease.

Ocd / Cracker Damage Bundle

we have seen alot of new damage generator addons that add damage to meshes, but OCD (one click damage) addon was among the first addons to add detailed damage to meshes and stuck around for being among the best generators, its now included in this damage bundle which includes other addons like:

  • its patterner addon the cracker addons, can be used to easily create cracks in walls, glass, ground and more. this bundle is everything you need to add any form damage to your objects, including tools:
  • like the stomper tools to add the effect of objects being stomped and smashed,
  • the material breaker a great tool for making effects like broken glass procedurally and more.

Casey_Sheep – 2023 Bundle

if you want realistic water shaders, signs and billboards , vdb explosions, cloud , stylized trees and plants. all those are included in the casey_sheep 2023 bundle. each of these addons have been featured on the blender market page as the most popular addons of the weak a testament to how useful this addons have been for :

600 + Blender Sculpting Brushes

if you sculpt in blender regularly or occasionally this bundle will be a time saver for you, it comes with vector displacement brushes, regular brushes, detail brushes and more, from ornaments, skin brushes, cloth brushes, wood, fabric brushes, buttons, hair and much more.

Creative Bundle

the creative bundle comes with the most accomplished addons for adding intricate detail for your renders, it comes with two special addons, creative flow and random flow

  • the creative flow addon, packs most of the necessary actions for easier workflows whether it’s organic or hard surface modeling. Operators like Draw Faces, Extract Faces, Auto Mirror, Boolean features, Data Transfer features, Extras tools etc. allow you to work with extreme versatility.
  • Random Flow is a random mesh generator designed for fast and easy hard surface prototyping and concept art. This a fast changing add-on with lots of new functionalities in the future.

Smart Materials Bundle

smart materials are a way of creating materials that respect the form of the mesh, recognizing the nooks and crevices of your mesh to add wear and tear in the material, if you want a bundle of these materials including wood, metal, plastic and more, the smart material bundle comes at a 25% discount with free updates.

Motion Cast Bundle Vol1

if you have looked through mixamo and other motion capture library and dint find want you want, try the motion cast bundle. this bundle has a total of 1098 unique animations in different themes. Each animation has the same skeleton, . The animations of pack 01 to 13 are captured and finalized in 30 FPS, those of pack 14 and 15 at 60FPS!

this bundle comes with categories like sports animations, spectators, shoppers, kung-fu animations. zombie animations, fighting and more.

Amandeep – Small Addons Bundle

if making models in blender is your job or hobby, you will love this bundle of 12 addons by Amandeep, this includes addons for

  • importing decals to your shaders,
  • synced modifiers addon that allows you to add modifiers to multiple objects at the same time and automatically syncs all the modifiers using Drivers.
  • Bake-A-Node, an addon that allows you to bake the output of any shader node to an image texture.
  • Cavity Pass, an Addon that allows you to render and composite a cavity pass of your render to add fake bevel and light effects.
  • Transfer Images, that allows you to transfer images from one UV map to another UV map in just a few Clicks.
  • Modifier Shortcut Keys an Addon that allows you to add modifiers to one or more objects quickly using shortcut keys, you also get a pipe generator, imperfection maps and more.

Ultimate Animators Bundle

you may not see how much value is in this bundle unless if you are a true animator, this bundle comes with:

  • graphkit, A Graph Editor panel of 10 innovative tools guaranteed to become fundamental to your animation workflow.
  • Delete Static Channels addon, that remove f-curves which have no influence on your animation,
  • Key Selected Objects addon which can create and delete keyframes for selected objects and material properties from the user interface.
  • the AnimCopy addon, that can copy data from one object to multiple objects.
  • Key, a tool that lets you edit multiple keyframes simultaneously from the user interface.

Cinepack + The Particle Library + True Fire Bundle

this bundle is a collection of particles, fire and camera animations,

  • the cinema pack library comes with tools and pre animated camera moves you see in hollywood and disney animations,
  • while true fire is a collection of fire vdbs that you can use in your vfx shots.

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