Generators that are better than modeling

its no doubt that polygon modeling is here to stay. but when you have generators that can give you more detail than you can model yourself in a fraction of time, you have to pay attention, here are blender generators that are simply better than modeling.

Procedural Building Generator 2

you never know when you will need a building for your scene but chances are 90% of the time you will need atleast one for the background or foreground to add detail and story to your scene. of course you can model the building yourself, but because most of the time buildings are background detail that are normally out of focus and out of mind spending too much time making them is overkill and unnecessary since there are building generators like pbg 2 that can generate detailed buildings in different styles in just seconds, they can be for the background but they are detailed enough for foreground shots as well.

Nebula Generator

most movie makers start their career by making scifi movies because most often scifi movies require alien locations like planets and space, that are much easier and cheaper to make in 3d than filming in a real world location where you have to deal with people, weather and permits. Plus the audience too, is more forgiving if your alien locations look less realistic and strange since they are foreign alien locations they have never visited, so having a set of tools to help you make these locations is great, one such tool is this nebular generator that instantly creates detailed nebulas that can render in eevee and cycles

Nebula: Course For Blender

if its not enough to use generators to make nebulas, you can learn how to make your own from scratch by taking this course about making procedural nebulas by creative shrimp.

it goes into all the technical nuances you need to become the go to guy for perfect nebula creation


speaking of foreign locations, if you need realistic landscapes true terrain has the detail and tools you need, this new release of true terrain comes with alot of new features to scale your detail to new levels.

you can now work with layers, realtime erosion tools, geometry blending and more. the layering system is also available for material generation, to add detail like vegetation cover, rocks, snow and more.

Procedural Signs

like i said in the beginning, modeling will never be replaced by generators completely but in some cases, choosing to model things instead of using generators is either madness or genius, there is no inbetween. for example hand modeling neon signs for cities and shops, you may model one but you are going to need hundreds of variations and this is what generators have gotten so good at.

like this procedural signs generator that can pump out hundreds of signs from billboards, neon signs, digital screens all unique and different by just using a slider.

Physical Open Waters

rivers and lakes cant be modeled so your only viable option are generators, the physical open waters can generate seas, oceans and more with waves in different conditions and detail you wont get anywhere else.

Procedural Medieval Castle Generator

given the choice to model a castle or generate it using this procedural castle generator, i will choose generating it everytime, you may think modeling it would give you more customization and detail, but with this generator i can generate different variations, choose the one i want and start adding the missing detail or customization by hand before you can even delete the default cube, i dont hate modeling i just love efficiency.

Explosion Generator

another thing you cant model but can easily generate, are explosions and this is what this realtime procedural explosion generator does, the explosion is stylized and great for any type of stylized vfx short for cartoons or anime.

Procedural Roof Generator

you dont have to choose between generators and modeling all the time, you can have both, this generator can be used to create procedural roofs, so you can model the building by hand and let the generator save you sometime on the roof.


generators are simply the 3d industries way of democratizing detail, before generators you needed a large team to create this level of detail, and now you just need one artist and they dont even have to be that good as long as you have a good generator you will get the detail that you need like this auto building generator.

Spaceship Generator

Need giant spaceships with detail everywhere, and hundreds of variation, only generators can provide that in a limited time. this spacehip generator not only generates the ship but it gives you the procedural materials to go with it.

Sprite Particles For Realtime Vfx With Geonodes

the truth is the last thing i thought generators could be good at was good vfx, but i guess since any form of explosion, destruction is all just physics playing out in the real world and physics can be expressed as math equations which can be used to translate objects and graphics on a computer, its not a surprise that there generators really good at vfx like this sprite particles Realtime vfx generator.

Human Generator Ultimate

i have seen artists who spent atleast 5years working on a project or short movie for it to get less than 10k views on youtube, maybe they did not make it for views and likes but am sure they would have prefered to spend less time on the project especially if they knew it may not do so well, and this is why generators like the human generator are great, creating a character that is well modeled, rigged, textured and ready to animate with some basic animations like walking, idle animation and more can take you alot of time nearly a month if not more if you are making more than one, a generator like this would cut that time from 1 month to 24hrs so you can move on to other things or other parts of the project.

Droplet Generator 2.1

half of the things in this is list are simply things you can’t model period. like this droplet generator, yes you can use a particle system but that will not get you the animation and detail you get from something like this procedural droplet generator.

Realtime Flame Generator

Fire is yet another thing that cant be modeled, you can use blender’s smoke and fire simulation to make fire but be prepared to wait for baking time longer than a few hours if you want anything remotely detailed, but with this realtime flame generators you just hit play on your keyboard and you will see fire, you can draw it, move it and shape it all in realtime.

Forest Generator

if you can think of it, there is a generator for it, and that holds true for forests, this is forest generator will create a full eco system with plants and vegetations that are expected to grow in the same environment in a realistic way, you have customization tools for grooming and triming the forest and only your computation power will limit the scale of your forest.

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