Perfect Free Geometry Nodes

alot of geometry nodes artists, have been pushing the limits of geometry nodes, testing each strand and each node, combining them into something marvelous, They are not afraid to share their secrets either, giving away their project files for free to anyone brave enough to delve into the realm of nodes and geometry.

AquaMan scale armor generator

lets start with aquaman scale armor by cartesian caramel, you would have to sculpt this piece by piece and it would not look this good unless you spend countless hours on it, but cartesian caramel show that with a few tricks, adding scales to something can be accomplished with a few nodes, the project file is available for free and there is a tutorial to breakdown the process if you want to learn more.

Animate Leaves Growing in Blender Geo Nodes

geometry nodes is no longer a prototype or experimental, its now a major brunch of blender that has lifted blender to the levels of houdini for its procedural nature and capabilities, this is well demonstrated by Cheuqs video on how to animate in geometry nodes, making this satisfying animation of leaves opening, there is a tutorial and project files available for free to any one who wants to become this good.

Melting Butter

thinking of cooking, start your digital dish by melting some butter in blender, this amazing render was setup in geometry nodes another way of showcasing the power of the nodes.

Faces to Furniture

As your characters sit down to eat their bread and butter they will need furniture to sit on, dont spend countless hours making it on your own when hiranoji has the perfect setup for that, all you have to do is extrude some faces and they will be automatically converted into furniture of any shape and form, his setups can easily be downloaded on his blendermarket page where he has other amazing setups like a plant generator and a building generator.

Ultimate City Generator

cities are hard to make and vibrant busy cities are even harder, but what if i told you they dont have to be, what if it was as easy as adding a plane and scaling it to any size and you would get a city as large as your plane. if you are planning on creating an animation series for youtube or tv, this would be a great setting, you can easily change the look of the city if you wanted another location by changing the seed of the generator.

Cell Fluids

cell fluids the only Realtime fluid simulation system based on geometry nodes has updated to version 1.5 and comes with new features bug fixes and more. it can now simulate splashes, improved textures, supports animated colliders and more. its really what most projects need that have rivers and water bodies

Bird generator

if you need more evidence that blender is reaching new levels, take a look at this free bird generator, the birds, their flight path, the wings, feathers and everything else is all done with geometry nodes, and the project is available for free to test, reverse engineer and learn from.

Tiny Eye

you would think that being a free product, this eye generators would not receive any updates since there is no monetary incentive, but no tinynocky has released a new update for tiny eye a fully procedural, stylised eye generator that works in both Eevee and Cycles (Blender). and its not a small update either, there new features, new eyes and overrall a major upgrade to how eyes are rendered in blender.

Blender Inflate Addon 

sometimes the way geometry nodes is used is totally surprising to me, and i use it on a daily basis. this addon adds surface detail onto objects using the cloth system and geometry nodes. if you are making a scifi scene especially one set in a spaceship or any massive scifi structure, this is going to add impressive detail without too much work.

Shader Nanotech Effect 

speaking of scifi, ever thought of making the ironman suit nano tech effect, thats what cartesian caramel did using geometry nodes, you can see the morphying effect and if you want you can download the project for free, his one of the most consistent geometry nodes artists out there.

mesh folding

he also made this folding mesh effect, and has a tutorial on how to make it on his channel,

Cable arm

he made this robot cable arm,

rope test

and rope physics in geometrynodes, we dont even have that in regular blender.

Spaceship Generator

need to see more that geometrynodes can do, how about a spaceship generator, you just give it a shape, and it will turn it into a cool looking spaceship, you can make countless variations of the spaceship by changing a few parameters or just give it a new shape and it will start from there.

Forest Generator 

need a forest, this generator makes one as large as any plane you give it, or as large as your computer can handle, you can create a dense forest with all sorts of foliage, overgrowth, plants and more with just a click of a button

Physical Open Waters

when it comes to geometry nodes only your experience will betray you in what you can do, but thankfully that is not enough to stop whats possible, there hundreds of creators with the right experience for any sort of thing you want to do, like if you cant make realtime oceans with form and buoyancy support, this physical open waters was done by someone who knows how to do it, so just use that.

Procedural Building Generator 2

maybe all you need is a way to make detailed buildings, that are uv unwrapped, textured and can be changed into what ever shape you want, i dont know how to do that, i mean i know how to make a building but it would take me atleast 5hrs to make one that looks this good, here all it takes is less than a minute.

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