Best physics addons for blender

blender has one of the most powerful physics engine in 3d applications and with the help of these addons you can create anything you can imagine.

Physics Placer V1.0

when you hand place objects most of your objects are going to intersect with each other, and their rest position will also not be accurate based on its center of mass, the physics place addon can help you move and place objects according to proper physics, you can drag the objects, scatter them onto other objects in your scene with ease, making it easy to setup realistic looking scenes in minutes.

Swingy Bone Physics

want to animate hair without bothering with the complicated and slow hair system, the swingy bone physics addon, will easily help you achieve the same results with just a few clicks, this is great for creating anime and non photo realistic renders, the bones support physics based animation, realistic collisions, and can be used to animate hair, cloth, wires, accessories and alot of other things.


physical interactions between animated characters and other characters or objects in your world can be complicated to setup, simplicage will give you all the tools to set this up more easily, so that your characters can physically interact with surrounding objects without you manipulating each vertex manually.

Quick Attach | Transfer Weight

this addon, lets you attach any object to another mesh, even with animation or deformation, the addon can easily transfer weights, mapping other objects onto already made rigs, this means you can now easily switch the clothes of your characters without worrying about cloth intersection and weird deformations, you can attach one or multiple objects to any rig or mesh you have, and all the animation and poses will be captured.


if you are planning on making a movie or animation in blender, you are going to love rbdlab, this addon is all you will need for any sort of destruction effect for your movie, you can break, fracture, destroy anything in your scene, it also has a metal solver that you can use to bend metals in a realistic way.

Physical Open Waters

if you want an accurate way to render oceans, lakes and rivers try this physical open waters addon, you can add as much detail in the waves as you need without crushing your computer, the physical open waters addon has alot optimization features to make sure that you can render oceans in realtime.

Simply Cloth Pro

when it comes to cloth simulation blender has all the necessary components, it has a great cloth simulation system that can produce realistic cloth wrinkles, supports object and self collisions and more, what it lucks are tools to help you direct and control your simulation, this is what simply cloth pro bring to blender, it gives different ways to control, make and sew clothes in blender and on top of that it comes with a number of cloth templates to work as a starting point for your simulations like shirts, dresses, trousers, jumpers and more.

Rbc | A Physics-Based Vehicle Rigging Addon

animating cars can be hard, but it can also be fun, easy and realistic if you choose the right addon, the RBC addon is a physics based vehicle rigging addon that will let you animate your car like it was a racing game. you can set the speed, path or target and let the addon handle the rest, like turning, collisions and more to make your animation very easy. setting up your car is quite easy too, the addon comes with an interface to let you easily indicate the different parts of the car which the addon will use to control, and you can configure your rig for any type of vehicle.

The Particle Library

if you are trying to animate a bunch of objects with similar behavior you can try animating them using particle physics, blender comes with its own particle system, a very powerful system i might add, but like anything in blender you have to start from scratch which can be time consuming, a quick and more efficient solution is the particle library addon, this library comes with a number of particle templates, for smoke, sparks, bird, papers, rain, leaves and just about what anything you will need for your film. the addon also comes with alibrary of animated animals, insects and birds for more variation.

Blender Inflate Addon

if you are making scifi interiors or anything that may need cloth surfaces, this inflate addon can be a very useful addition to your tools, it uses the cloth system to make accurate cloth surfaces that can be inflated.

Lazy Vfx – Vdb Assets Library

explosions are at the high end of any physics simulation system, most 3d applications have an easy way to make explosions or smoke simulation the limitation always comes in the computational requirements, if you want a highly detailed smoke or explosion effect, you would have to bake for hours and hours, if you dont have that time or your computer freezes every time you try, get the lazy vfx library, its a library of over 200 vdbs that are setup to work perfectly in blender, from smore, fire, explosions and more.

Extreme Pbr Nexus

if you love physics based addon you probably loved physically based rendering shaders or PBR shaders, the extreme pbr nexus is a collection of pbr textures with tools to help you add, optimize and render realsitc materials, this addon comes with over 1800 materials, from wood, rock, tiles, wall and alot more.

Simply Material | Fashion Design

speaking of materials, if your characters look boring, before you change them, try changing the materials of there clothes, simply material fashion design is an addon with a set of tools to help you design and develope the look of your character, it also comes with a library of materias, textures and cloth pattern designs to cover any type of design you want.

Smartify Nodes – Easy Smart Materials & Effects

if you are creating environments, the materials you add should age and look like they are part of the world, just adding a material to a surface and calling it a day is not enough anymore, smart materials can use the structure and form of your mesh to add details like crack, dirt ware and tear to surfaces making them feel integrated into your world other than looking like another layer slaped on the surface. the smartify nodes addon comes with materials, textures, masks and tools to help you add any form of surface detail to your render, like snow, dirt, erosion and more.

Real Damage – Realistic Internal Damage

if you want physical damage to your objects, real damage add thats with just a few clicks and if you are dealing with concrete damage, the addon can even add internal structure like rebar and wire mesh into the damage

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