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youtube is changing, long form content does not performing as good as it used to and its changing how youtube tutorials are made, they have to be short, with snap edits barely covering detail and below 10minutes. this is why most blender tutorials are quick edits and thats why most of your favourite creators are now making courses if they want to cover more detailed topics since youtube will not push long form videos out as it used to.

for example.

The ultimate Anime course

TadayoshiCG, has a youtube channel dedicated to making anime in blender but also created this ultimate anime course that goes into detail showing you more that what is possible in a youtube video with better structuring, demos, tips and a teaching style that is the right speed to learn. it features over 9hrs of content, showing how to make anime shaders, modeling, compositing and more.

Assemble – Procedural Modeling And Animation With Blender’s Geometry Nodes

another good example is cg cookie, they have a youtube channel where they occasionaly post tutorials but if you want something more serious and more detail, you take there courses like this geometry nodes course where they make a whole theme park procedurally in geometry nodes. the course is structured into chapters each chapter introducing you slowly to more nodes and techniques to procedural modeling in blender and at the end of it, you will walk away knowing how to put together any structure procedurally in geometry nodes.

Nebula: Course For Blender

another great course is by creative shrimp, again they started by making youtube videos, then realized they needed a better platform to structure there course, where they can upload as much educational material for the student as necessary without negatively affecting there channel so they started releasing courses, from hardsurface modeling, 3d scanning, cinematic lighting and now there latest Nebura generation, that goes in depth on how to make fully volumetric nebulae to elevate your digital creations.

Particle City: An Epic Tutorial Series!

ever wondered how you can make large cities at scale on a slow computer, this is what the particle city tutorial series is about, this course takes you through a mega city creation process using a particle system.

Animated character creation

am sure most of you know crossmind, he has one of the best channels to learn animation in blender what you may not know is that he also has courses that are more detailed and have extra chapters that he does not show in his youtube video like this animated character creation course, there is a tutorial series on his channel but some chapters are missing and can only be found in his course.

Human: Realistic Portrait Creation With Blender

if your focus is making high detail hyper realistic characters, this realistic human portrait course will cover everything you need, from modeling, shader creation, textutring, sculpting, lighting and more, its what i would take if i wanted to learn making realistic characters for games creation and movies.

The Ride A Blender Car Animation Course

if you are thinking of action movies, this course takes you through, directing, animating and creating a full car chase scene in blender, you setup the scene, street and car animation. the course is about 11 hours of action packed training.

Procedural Texturing | Blender Master Class

thinking of mastering procedural texturing in blender, this creative shrimp course has it all, it takes you through the fundamentals of making good shaders, giving them depth using height maps and displacements and more. you are not just learning making procedural materials, you are also learning the underlying techniques and thought process that goes into it so that you can make your own materials in no time.

From Photo To Realistic 3D Model In Blender, 3H, Step-By-Step Tutorial

here is another amazing youtuber who turns their short tutorials into detailed courses, the youtube videos act as course trailers highlighting what you will learn, you can still learn alot from the youtube videos but if you are not an advanced blender user you will get lost very quickly, so its great that he also has full courses taking you through the same steps as his videos but slower and more detailed.

Make A Cinematic Motorcycle Race Animations In Blender

we all dream of becoming movie directors and blender is our favourite tool for that, you can start making movies right now all you need is the knowledge and that is what the make a cinematic motorcyle race course gives you, you make a chase scene with cars and motorcycles the pinnacle of Hollywood chase scenes.

“Drive” Film Tutorials Bundle – 3 Tutorials – 11 Hours + Project Files, 50% Off

another great course from sime bugarija is this drive short film, it has that horror film esthetic and vibe, so if you want to learn that this would be a great starting point.

Backrooms In Blender Step By Step Tutorial 4H,40Min

Blender Master Course – City Environment And Car-2 Courses + Asset Packs

you can also watch his master course on city enviroment and cars, where he shows you how to create a vibrant 80s city, you will learn about modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing and more.

Alive! Animation Course In Blender

if you are serious about animation, the alive course is what everyone is taking, it goes through the theories, principles so you can animate knowing why you are doing everything you do.

Cinematic Lighting In Blender

lighting is a key part of any project and mastering it is essential to portray your renders in a way that reflects the visual story you are trying to make, this cinematic lighting course will show you how its all done.

Intro To Motion Graphics (Blender Course)

and finnally a fun favourite, duck3d also makes a turn of great courses to supprement his youtube short tutorials, these are more detailed, have more content and cover a broader spectrum of production in blender like this intro to motion graphics course.

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