Time saving blender libraries

making 3d content is alot of work, it takes alot of time and alot of resources especially for heavy projects that require heavy stuff, like smoke simulations, fluid simulations and more, every stage has to be done on its own, for example you cant model when rendering, you can render when simulating, you can texture while baking, each stage takes its own time and most of the time your pc has to just focus on that specific task and cant do anything else.

Aqua Flow Pro

this is why libraries can be very useful, for example if you want to setup fluid simulations, instead of spending hours upon hours trying out different fluid simulation setting, you can use aqua flow pro a library of water simulation templates that can help you create advanced fluid dynamics in blender.

Aqua flow uses its own simulation solver to easily and quickly simulate detailed fluid simulations in realtime, the materials are setup for you and you can even use curves to direct the fluids as a force.

3d scanned assets

if you want hyper detailed 3d scanned buildings, you can find them here, the textures are well prepared and you really get something close to reality, modeling this level of detail is nearly impossible so if you want that, having a library of a few of these scanned buildings would be amazing.

Lazy Vfx – Vdb Assets Library

when you are making simulations in blender, you either use the play option and the timeline starts playing the simulation but you can do anything else, you can move around in 3d space but you can edit or make any changes unless you stop the simulation, or you can cache or bake the simulation where blender basically freezes untill the simulation is done and your computer will be slow as hell too so you wont be able to do anything meaning full either, so a library like this lazy vfx library is just amazing because someone has put in all that work and time so that you dont have to, now you just import the vdbs from a collection of over 200 explosions, fires, smoke and more to save you alot of stress.

Sanctus Library – Procedural Materials

like i said in the beginning, most things in 3d cant be done consecutively, you cant model while making materials or texturing you have to stop modeling then make materials or vise versa so having someone that can do the materials for you while you do other things is going save you alot of time, that someone is the sanctus procedural material libraries, its constantly updated with new procedural materials so practically anything you can think of is available in this library.

Material Library Materialiq – Cycles & Eevee Materials

if you prefer pbr materials to procedural ones then take a look at this material library, otherwise making pbr materials by your self is going to take you alot of time, you have to either 3d scan them which is a very difficult time consuming method or use a software like substance designer which is expensive and hard to learn, so if you want to save alot of money and still get amazing pbr materials, this library should be your best choice.

The Particle Library

don’t you love it, when you just drag and drop more detail in to your scene without spending hours on hours twiking and experimenting with different settings. this particle library has birds, insects, fish, bees, flies, butterflies, sparks, papers, rain, magic effects and more. these details can turn a boring render into an epic cinematic master piece.

Tree And Grass Library Botaniq – Trees

we can’t talk about libraries that save time without talking about botaniq, if you have ever modeled a tree you know what i mean, trees are hard to make so am glad this library exists, they categorize different trees, which makes its very easy for tree experts “Arborists” to find what they want and for none tree experts like me, i just look at the thumbnails and find what looks best, the addon also has a great library of photo realistic grass assets, that it can perfectly scatter on any mesh.

Bp Geogen Ultimate Generators Bundle

most libraries are just a collection of static ,meshes like trees, cars and different things, bp geogen is different, its a collection of procedural geometry nodes generators that can generate spaceships, cars, hunging cables, bush generators, antenna generator, fire generator, hair and fur generator, rock generator, sign generator, ice generator, portal, vegetation and more.

Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

one of the reasons some renders dont look as cool as they should, is because the artist did not pay the sky and environment as much attention as they should have, remember for most renders the sky will take up atleast 30 to 20% of the image, and even when its an interior scene, sky reflections can add alot of detail and contrast into the image, a good sky can provide reach lighting detail for anything so spend sometime on making the perfect sky to get perfect lighting and perfect reflections, if you don’t have the know how or time, the physical starlight and atmosphere gives you the best render quality, there skies are reach in detail, have an atmosphere and can be edited to fit in what ever scene you are making.

Urbaniac! City Asset Pack

if you are making urban scenes you need urban assets, you need buildings, cars, roads, street lamps, lights, tunnels, posters, billboards and more, all these are included in the urbaniac city asset park, they all come properly textured, real world scale and ready to use.

Atmospheric: Smoke Elements Add-On

to make your cities feel more alive, add some smoke effects, its a great way to make them feel lived in, active and dynamic. the atmospheric addon is a library of a number of smoke effects you can easily drag and drop into your scene for an extra layer of detail.

Physical Open Waters

water is a great way to hide luck of detail in your render, when your scene is boring you can slap in a simple water material and it will look cool, but when you want to render water up close, then you need to bring in the big guns, the physical open water addon renders water detail because in closeup shorts you really need it. its also optimized to add more subdivisions where the camera sees and less subdivisions where the camera does not, which makes it more effective saving you render time.

Alpha Trees – Render Massive Forests, Fast

if you have a low spec computer or you want to render your animations faster but you have a dense forest in your scene, try using alpha trees, instead of using actual trees that have hundreds of polygons it uses a texture plane that is always facing the camera, it comes with a number of trees so you can easily make a diverse forest in just a few clicks and your forests can be as dense and as large as you want.

Citybuilder 3D

alot of artists are into post apocalypse renders, where the buildings are destroyed, decaying or damaged. the city builder can help you easily archive that without spending hours and hours slaving away to make your render, this collection comes with different tools and assets to help you make renders faster and easier.

Next Building Generator – Egypt Theme V1

or maybe you want an Egyptian themed city, with temples, pyramids, sculptures and antient ruins, the next building library has it all. its also a collection of hight quality procedural material that you might need for a scene like this.

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