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blender is attracting more new addon developers who are building new tools and functions for blender, this time we are seeing improvement in areas like the asset browser

Assets Library Builder V2

creating an asset in the builtin asset browser often takes alot of time, you have to render the thumbnail for each asset making the process tedious and repetitive especially if you have a large collection of objects you want to add at once.

this addon developer saw this flaw in the asset browser as an oppotunity to flex his programing muscles giving us a more improved and polished version called the assets library builder. you can select as many objects as you want, and add them to your library in one go, the addon will render and add them all at once saving you alot of clicking, it does not stop there, it introduces a simple interface in the 3d view area to let you search and adds your assets easily saving you space since you wont need a separate window for your asset browser

Alt Tab Easy Fog 2

you guys loved Easy fog 1 over 5000 of you installed it, so dont miss out on its new improved version, easy fog 2, this time easy fog comes with 50 volume presets, 100 static vdbs, 20 pre animated presets and alot more, so if you want to add sick looking clouds, foggy effects and more to spicy up your render take a look at easy fog 2.

Iclone’s Face Puppet In Blender! 

if you use iclone and blender you are going to love this new addon, it lets you animate and work inside blender, it bring the iclone face puppet tool into blender so if you have any iclone characters sitting in your library its time to bring them to life.

Physics Placer V1.1

hand placing objects is tiresome and not accurate at all, hand placed objects are obvious because they always look awkwardly placed and most of the time its had to make them not go through other objects, if you are tired of mediocre results, take a look at this physics placer addon, let your world behave and look like the real thing, you just pick up the objects you want to place and throw them around using physics, they will collide and settle as expected without going through each other and saving you time hand placing one by one.

Node Editor Minimap

every professional software with a node tree, has a node minimap except blender, fortunately blender attracts alot of professionals who can make there own features, and that is what safa guzel did, he introduced the node tree minimap addon so that you never loose your nodes, while this might look like a small improvement to blender, if you start using it you will never want to go back.

Aqua Flow Pro

tired of fluids simulations taking years to complete for simple things like water rings, Aqua flow is your solution, it comes with its own fluids solver that works with geometry nodes and simulates fluids in realtime, no need to bake, and you can draw the path you want your water to take directly using a curve object. the water comes ready with materials, form and splashes.

Explosion Generator

no one has the time wait for smoke simulations any more, we are in the error of realtime simulations, and thats true for this Realtime explosion generator, it has a stylized look so if you are going for a realistic explosion you may one to skip this one, but other than that its perfect for everything else. you can easily direct your explosion, time them how ever you want to have the perfect effect for your shot.

Dynamic Paint Evo / Real-Time Paint And Masks

contact textures or masks for wet surfaces, or tire tread marks can be setup using dynamic paint, but its takes to much time, you setup the dynamic paint canvas brush, then you setup a texture, materials and more so most people dont use them, but dynamic painting is still a powerful too if it was easy to use and this new addon is the right upgrade we all needed, Dynamic paint Evo, is an improved version of dynamic painting that merges all the clicking that goes into dynamic painting into a few clicks, its faster, easier and more fan, you can forget about rebaking masks for scene changes, headaches from clicking to much because this works in realtime.

Epic Preset Clothing Pack

the time for sending nodes is over, its time to dress up your characters in style, with over 100 garments to choose from, your characters will never feel under dressed with this epic preset cloth pack.

Gardener – Bushes,Hedges & Shrubs Creator

while the clothing pack library will help you hide your bushes, this gardener bushes and hedges pack will make sure you have the bushes to hide in the first place. you have wild bushes, trimmed bushes and everything between.


the art industry is a competitive industry so its paramount that you take advantage of the most powerful tools you can get, and for making landscapes never skip a tool like True terrain, you can generate any type of terrain you want, edit it, add layers and levels of detail with its layer based system, add textures, materials, erosion and more all using one addon.

Cloudscapes V2 –

this month has been a month of big updates and cloud scapes came through with a library update, adding more vdbs to its already large collections, more clouds, more volumes, fires, effects and 8 new categories including chimney, fireworks, tornado, fire, polar light, aerial explosion, ground explosions and more.

Uv Squares

if you love uv unwrapping you must be using the uv square addon because using the default uv tools can be a headache , the uv squares addon adds new tools and functionality to make uv unwrapping a breeze, you can turn your uvs to a square grid, grid by shape, rip faces and more

Komikaze V2: Toon Shaders & Assets Pack

another tool that was updated this week was, komikaze giving komikaze v2, adding more shaders, modifiers, compositor presets and more for creating comic and toon style art. this manga, anime library is a collection of tools, shaders, modifiers and effects to bring your stylized world to life. it now includes assets like anime fire, anime trees, grass, smoke, rock and alot more.

Realtime Materials For Blender

duck 3d also came in with a major update to his realtime materials collection for blender adding new procedural materials that include wood, fubrics, tiles, plastics and more. this library consists of drag and drop materials with customizable materials to adapt them to your style and liking.

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