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if you want to finish projects at god speed without sacrificing quality, you have to trust the process trusting fellow artists to deliver premade assets so you never start from scratch, a process followed by industry leaders, like industrial light magic, frame store, weta digital, pixomondo and more, the leading producers of vfx and cgi in the world.

they use mega asset libraries for cars, people, buildings and more, while artists like you and me don’t have access to such libraries, blender artists have started to build similar libraries and tools to speed up how you create content.

Mountain Scapes

like this mountain scapes library a collection of 152 ready to use mountain assets, from snow covered mountains, rocks, cliffs, and more all professionally scanned to give you the best detail, they come with 8k textures but also give you the option to switch to low-poly versions of the assets.

Simple Wind – Blow Some Life Into Your Scene!

sometimes its the simplest things you do to your renders thats set them apart from all others, like adding wind effects to your grass, plants or cloth objects in your scene. using the cloth system is too much work, and too tasking on the computer so an addon like simple wind is a great alternative that is simple to use, lite and produces comparable results like the cloth simulation system for simple things like wind blowing on grass or plants.

Belt Generator

detail is key, this belt generator can generate an infinite number of belts giving each belt a unique look from the last one, while a generator like this may not be a tool you use on a daily basis, its nice to know that when you need one, there is a generator that can give you detail, variation and quality with just a few clicks.

Procedural Building Generator 2

if you want speed building, i present you PBG 2, i have made alot of modeling in my life including hundreds of buildings, i have over 10years of experience in blender, modeling, uv unwrapping and texturing, if you gave me an hour to make a building am sure i can come up with something that looks great but its not going to be as detail as what PBG 2 can archive in two to 3 extrusions. yes i can add small details that PBG 2 may not add but with more than 59 minutes to go, someone using PBG will be able to add the same detail and more to make there version look more unique, detail and better.

Physics Placer V1.1

the particle system or geometry nodes are great for scattering objects around but please do not use them to scatter large objects, like broken branches, large rocks basically anything that the camera might obit or zoom in into, geometry nodes and the particle system do no care if objects are intersecting or going through each other, they also dont consider gravity and center or mass when scattering objects they just scatter them randomly and hope the viewer wont see the awkward placement of scattered objects, if you want physically accurate scattering the physics addon is the way.

Population – Crowd Simulation

imagine you are working on a client project you deliver the project and the clients want some changes, like to add some characters walking, may be some running, seating, to them it should just be a click of a button and its done, to you as a 3d artists thats a nightmare, you have to model, texture, animate and render the character, at least that’s how we used to do it back them, but with tools like population it can be as easy as the client describes it, a click of a button, population comes with over 48 photo scanned characters, and 55 motion capture animations plus updates, meaning that when it comes to crowd simulation in blender, the population crowd library will always have something for you.

Tree And Grass Library Botaniq – Trees

anyone pursuing a professional career with blender has to invest into a plant library like botaniq, you need one for vfx work, you need one for commercials and you definitively need on for archviz. its an ever expanding library of optimized and realistic 3d vegetation that includes a variety of trees, grass, flowers, weeds, ferns, ivy, palms, succulents, shrubs and more.


speaking of professionals, as professional vfx artists that works in blender all the time and you can tell from my constant vfx experiments on the channel i recommend rbdlab for your vfx, the only reason you dont see me use it in my tutorials is because i keep my tutorials addon free so that people can archive the same results as i do without first buying an addon but trust me when its time to deliver client work there is no way am using blender for vfx without rbdlab.

Bp Geogen Ultimate Generators Bundle

if speed is the name of the game, generators are the fuel you burn to win at this game and this bp geogen ultimate generators bundle has 50 drag and drop generators, basically if you need pipes, ice spikes, planets, slime, fur, fire, sand, vegetation, damage, scales, droplests, wall, spaceships, signs a disintegration effect and more you dont have to make them on your own this bundle has it all

Epic Preset Clothing Pack

sometimes i wish making 3d characters was easy as changing clothes in a game like GTA, if you want a jacket you just select it from a list of garments and in a second the character changes to that, you can instantly change anything, the shirt, trouser and other clothing, unfortunately thats not how 3d works but atleast things are getting easier nowdays, with clothing packs like this epic preset clothing pack, you can just drag and drop the clothes onto the character, you will have to edit them abit to fit but atleast that takes about a minute or too instead of hours if you where to create the clothes from scratch.

Sanctus Library – Procedural Materials

and nowdays it does not end with character creation, if you want to make blender feel like a game so that you actually enjoy working in blender install libraries like the sanctus library, this is a collection of hundreds of procedural materials, every kind of material can be found in this library, it now also comes with generators like a welding generator, grass generator, painted glass generator, snow, image decals, materials and more, this can save you a turn of hours.

Human Generator Ultimate

the thing about generators is that they allow artists to work on the parts they love about 3d making and let generators handle the rest, for example i dont enjoy character creation, it takes too much time and you need alot of practice to get it right, but i still need realistic characters that are well made and look good so i use the human generator for that, you dont have to model the character but it gives gives you the tools to customize them to look exactly how you want.

The Infinite Rock Builder Procedural Shader For Cycles

do you want to model rocks, and texture them and make them look great, am sure some of you do but am lazy and it takes too much time, you have to sculpt, retopo, uv unwrap texture and that is just one rock, the alternative is this infinite procedural rock builder, it uses cycles to render realistic rocks, cliffs and more with realitic textures, the shader is customizable to your liking so that you can make it fit into your art style.

Cyberscape Pro | Procedural City Generator

City Road Builder

Laces Generator

Procedural Medieval Castle Generator

Wrap Master

Forest Generator | Photorealistic

Spaceship Generator | Procedural Geometry Nodes


Buildit – Auto Generate Buildings

Procedural Traffic – Addon And Rigged Cars

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