Gamifying blender

the most productive people are those who enjoy what they are doing, and what better way to enjoy working in blender than gamifying it, to remove the hard work, the hard processes and switching them out with easy and more fun tools.


like this viewfinder tool, i first saw this in unreal engine, when you working on anything, you can work in the viewport as normal but there is always a camera view in the bottom corner, this makes it easy to frame your shorts while you are previewing it through the camera, am glad am not the onlyone who found this feature amazing because blenderboi just introduced it to blender

Baga Grove – Evermotion

like i said gamifying blender is about making hard processes easier and fun, this baga grove addon brings back fun in 3d landscaping while still giving you alot of artistic control, with baga grove, just draw the areas you want covered with grass and it will add the grass, vegetation, leaves for you, you can still change the type of plants you want and you can still edit the area, its great for creating walk ways, decorating landscaping and more. the library comes with hundreds of high quality plants and vegetation

Control Like In Games

you can literally turn blender into a game, if you are animating a character walk, instead of animating the character why not play them like a game, with this addon you can control cars, people and other objects with keyboard controls, make them move around while recording the keyframes saving you hours.

Baga Street

the sims game has nothing on blender, because everything it can do can be done in blender with more detail and less effort, like this baga street addon, it comes with hundreds of assets and tools to make adding street detail a breeze. you can easily scatter objects with the array tools, distribute or draw instances with there curve tool, all the objects come fully textured and ready to use.

Action Commander – Action Management Tool

let me challenge you to something impossible or time consuming task in blender, try to switch any character you have into different animations like you would in a game, challenge impossible right!, well this action commander does it like a game, you can list all your character actions in the addon, and switch between them, the addon will change the animation and also set the right length of your timeline to match the animation, this also helps you import mixamo animation and easily switch between them.

Rbc | A Physics-Based Vehicle Rigging Addon

it does not get any better than this, go from keyframe based animation to gamepad or keyboard based animation, you can drive the cars and even add enemy agents that can be aggressive like the gta police or bad guys chasing you, the cars can collide and navigate different enviroments, you are basically pretending to work but we all know you are having fun with the RBC physics based addon.

Atmospheric: Smoke Elements Add-On

most games use smoke elements to make scenes look more alive and active, this atmospheric addon has hundreds of smoke assets to give you that cyber punk feel or dystopia city with simple drag and drop assets which can help add depth to your scenes.

Forestation – High Quality 3D Scanned Trees

we can’t talk about gamefying blender without talking about forestation, its an easy way of adding high quality 3d scanned trees into blender, you can set the resolution to be low or ultra high to get you the best looking enviroments.

Zen Uv V4.3.0

automate the mundane tedious tasks like uv unwrapping while maintaining artistic control with zenUV, this tool brings a set of new tools to blender that lets you refine and rejuvenate your uv mapping and texturing experience. the addon comes with different alogarithisms for relaxing uvs to get rid of texture stretching, orientation tools to change and check the direction of your uvs and more.

Physics Placer V1.1

gamify blender scattering with the physics placer addon, you grab a bunch of objects and throw them around, they will fully interact and collide with each other, the addon uses physics simulation to make sure that when your objects are scattered accurately placed based on correct physics removing chances of objects going through each other.

Simply Material | Fashion Design

if you love character designing in games you are going to love character design in blender, this fashion design addon speeds up the material creation for clothes inside blender but most importantly it gamifies it, you don’t have to work with complicated shaders, all you do is move around sliders and preview the results in realtime like in actual games.

Alpha Trees – Render Massive Forests, Fast

thinking of making a large forest, think alpha trees, alpha trees uses a trick as old a time when it comes to scattering large dense forests, the trick of texture planes that face the camera at all times, a lot of games still use this trick especially for trees and objects in the far distances, games switch out all high detail assets for texture planes with the objects as the texture to speed up rendering and increase framerates so its not surprising that something like that is useful in blender as well.

Procedural Building Generator 2

the only difference between PBG2 and playing the sims is that PBG makes buildings that really looks good and is much faster, though the sims gives you a better gaming experience but lets not forget with blender and PBG2 you are not just playing a game you are being productive though its understandable if you get carried away making buildings and turning them into cities because this addon makes it too easy.

Sanctus Library – Procedural Materials

the sanctus library is a great library but the only problem you will have with it is that you will never need to create any materials your self, which i guess is a nice problem to have because this library has everything you can think of.

Population – Crowd Simulation

again the main point of gamifying blender is to make it feel like a game and never work, it would not be gamifying if you have to animate crowds by hand, that why its nice to have the population crowd simulation addon as a level up tool in your arsenal.

Khaos: Ultimate Explosion/Destruction Add-On

Smartify Nodes – Easy Smart Materials & Effects

Khaos Fire Shader: Straightforward Fire Shading

Procedural Road Street Highway Generator

Aqua Flow Pro

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