Generators better than modeling

as artists we have always traded time for money, spending hours and hours on a render just to be underpaid and over worked by the clients, now its time to trade our skills for money, the client doesn’t have to know

Roadscape V2.01

that you can make roads in 3d like this with this road generator, the quality and detail is still the same like what you get if you modeled it by hand, and in some cases even better, the addon changes the underlying ground flattening it to blend it with the ground, it can also create intersections add materials and all the detail you need for roads in your scenes.

World Blender – Advanced Landscape Generator

and it doesn’t stop there with generators if a client wants realistic landscapes with mountains, trees, rocks, realistic textures, you can bill them by the hour even though you use something like this landscape generator that does the same thing in a minute. its procedural, easily customizable and comes with alot of presets.

Dynamic Terrain

Lately i cant seem to escape videos about how Ai is taking over, but watching a generator like this gives me hope, yes SORA ai is impressive but you can’t control it, not this way, maybe we should start calling blender Generators Ai generators too because i find them more interesting, practical and more ethical than what has been shown before, btw this is dynamic terrain which is an amazing generator so shout out to P&G the developers who made it for and giving me hope again.

Omega Particle Fx V0.1

you can learn blender and become as good as you can, but to become a professional, you have to learn to work with other artists, its how the industry works, no need to spend hours and hours making your own ember particles, leaves, magic effects, snow effects , dust and more when other artists have specialized in that to give you the best quality. spend that time perfecting other parts of the render so that they can look as good as this effects too.

Wrap Gen 

we cant wrap up this video yet before talking about how hard it is to model objects that wrap around different objects in a realistic fashion. if you are tying ropes, belts or anything else onto a 3d object, this wrap gen is going to produce better results faster than you can model.

Blender 4 Hay Roof Geometry Node

i have tried modeling hay for client projects but it has always been a stressful task, the particle system does not do a good job and if you try to use an alpha texture it does not render very well in eevee and in cycles because there would be alot of layers of different alpha textures you would need to bump up the transparency samples which drastically increases your render time.

So call me impressed by this hay generator, which can do it in a fraction of a second and render instantly without increasing transparency samples. it also works with curves so you can create any shape you want.

Procedural Traffic

democratizing art is when things like animating hundreds of cars is possible with a single artist instead of a large team of artists thanks to addons like procedural traffic, and efficiency in art is when you dont need expensive software like houdini to make realistic traffic simulation, with just blender and this procedural traffic you can create directable, collision free, intersecting free traffic with real physics and realistic traffic behavior

Better Lighting V2

gone are the days where you had to be good at everything to make perfect renders, now days even someone who just opened up blender for the first time can make something good thanks to generators, like this better lighting addon, newbies can finally render professionally lit default cubes while experienced blender users can use the addon to make exceptional art without sweating for it, you have god rays, light gobos, colored lights, ies lights, caustics and more.

Curve Work

curves are a great way to add detail and exceptionally useful when tracing objects, blender curves are limited compared to other application and this curve work bridges that gup, bring you different new ways you can use, marge, edit and work with curves.

Projection Modeling

the same developer also made curves for projection modeling, which is a mind blowing way to use curves for making objects that are not just flat planes. you just create cross sections of any objects and the curve will interpolate the detail in between and you can do this from multiple angles, projecting, subtracting and adding different shapes to form anything you can imagine.

Anyset Pro 1.2

blender has hundreds of buttons, all scattered in different places fortunately most of the time, you only need a dozen for any projects, unfortunately they are all scattered in different areas in different panels, you click one button, and then dive into other panels to click the next only to exit the same panels to look for the last one, i know its necessary for keeping blender organized but sometimes it feels like its too much organization if i have to click too much to get to what i want, thats why this anyset pro addon is a god sent.

it packs the most used button in one area so that you dont have to go on a tour around blender to find the button you are looking for

Ocd (One Click Damage)

before OCD, to get this level of damage on a model, you had to sculpt, and that meant retopology, uv unwraping, baking and more, with this addon all that is compressed into a single click, select the mesh you want damaged and damaged it will be, its now updated to vers 2 to make if faster, more detailed with more options.

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