best Texturing addons for blender

Rededwards3479 asked if i could find some amazing tools to help with texturing in blender and what a great idea, i mostly do my texturing in substance painter, but after looking at what these addons can do, today am ready to uninstall substance painter.

Texture Overview

if you do alot of texturing inside blender one object can have several materials and that material can have even more texture images, for the color, roughness, normal map and more, imagine if all you needed to do to find a specific texture was to click an object and all the textures used by that object are listed to you as nice thumbnails that you can select, open up and be shown the exact instance where that texture is used in the material editor for the selected object, well thats exactly what the texture overview addon does

Philogix Pbr Painter – Pro

imagine if your favorite photo editing software turned into a blender addon for texturing, thats what philogix pbr is, it brings all the cool features of image editing softwares like photoshop into blender for texturing. you can setup layers, move them up or down, easily create pbr texture maps for painting, switch between different textures and materials, create masks and more. you can also hide and unhide textures, add materials by color id and more.


in the job market, detail is king, and that is what trim flow brings to the table, mosts artists can model, most artists can texture so to standout you need to go that extra mile, everyone will try but only those who can do it quick, efficiently and elegantly will win.

trimflow brings a new texturing workflow that lets you draw texture detail directly to your models, these can act as decals, masks or bump and normal detail on your model.

Node Preview

if you spend alot of time in the shader editor working on shaders and texturing, work in style with node preview, each node gets a preview of its output so that you know exactly how its contributing to your materials, shaders, masks or textures, welcome to the professional world of 3d where guesswork is not acceptable.

Mask Tools

what separates a professional texture artist from a beginner is their use of masks, beginners will just slap textures on objects, and professionals will use texture masks to show different effects like dust collection, edge wear and tear, rust effects and more, the problem is masks take too much time to create so its nice to know that addon like mask tools exists to do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your artistry.

Quick Decals Version 2

not everything has to be real and hollywood level standard sometimes you are working on a project and all you want is to make it look good, textures are a great way to do that because they can be used to add alot of detail, the only issue is that you need to do alot of steps to texture correctly, objects have to be uv unwrapped, you need to create a material, import the image or several images and figure out how you will blend them together, for fun projects or professional projects where only the output matters, texture decals is going to be exceptional, it does not care about uvs, or materials, just find a texture you want and point the addon to where you want the texture to be.

Random Texture Selector

if you have several instances of an object and they are starting to look the same and repetitive try this random texture selector, it uses one instance of a material and randomly asigns a texture for the different objects you have, all you need is a texture atlas or images with different textures and the addon will do the rest.

Texture Folders V2.0

every blender artist has a collection of textures, i my self have several folders categorized from metals, wood, tiles, rocks, grass, mable and each folder has hundreds of images, texture folder helps me access all that in blender, if i want rocks i just search rocks and i will get that, if i have a pbr rock texture set, i can specify that so that the addon looks for pbr rock texture sets only, and in one click it can it up for me, or if its a single image the addon can import it directly into my material.

Uvpackmaster 3

texturing without uvs is like driving without a steering wheel, it does not make sense, sometimes it may work but if things go wrong and they will go wrong, it wont be pretty, so uvpackmaster turns the tedious task of uv unwrapping and turns it into a fun and quick process.


this is for the tripple A artists, the artists who wont spare any detail, decal machine has been around for ages and has been helping top artists realize there dreams, helping them add detail like text, surface detail, grunge detail and more. decal machine was among the first addon to bring parallax detail into blender, letting artists render texture detail with depth above and beyond what normal maps can do.


texturing does not always have to be boring static detail like walls, wood, tiles it can be more dynamic like water, lava, sand, rivers, rain and more, this is what delta flow helps you do, you paint the direction and delta flow will give your textures motion.

Simply Material | Fashion Design

if you are creating characters, add an extra touch of realism and fashion with the simply material fashion design addon, its an addon that comes with a library of cloth materials, patterns and textures to help you style you characters in fashionable clothes.

Procedural Flowmap

the world of 3d is computational and resource intensive so where you can save time and work do it, if you want animated detail in the background of your scene but it seems like too much work for you or not something your computer will handle, find an image on the internet may be even Ai can help here if thats ok for you, then use flow map to add animated detail to that image, flow map can also add extra depth to the image by displacing it on a mesh for extra parallax effects.

Realtime Furcards

this is not exactly texturing, but realtime furcards is an amazing addon for adding fur detail on your models, just thought its something you guys may like to look into.

Realistic Touch – Surface Imperfection

every blender artists knows that for 3d renders to look perfect they need to look imperfect, with surface imperfections, so take a look at this realistic touch addon it has a turn of imperfection textures from grunge, finger prints, scratches and more.

Smartify Nodes – Easy Smart Materials & Effects

to conclude this video, let me show off an addon that combines the beauty of textures, procedural masks, shaders and materials, smartify uses realistic pbr materials as the base materials and blends them with different effects like snow, moss, rust, dust, water and more using smart masks.

if you want quick realistic detail fast, am sure you will find something to give you that in this list and again shout out to Rededwards3479 for this amazing suggestion.

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