New blender realtime fx addons

the world of cgi and vfx is changing, its not just advantageous to work in realtime, its now expected, you can simulate realtime smoke with embergen, play with millions of particles to generate realistic fluid simulations with liquigen and render photorealistic lighting and reflections with lumen in unrealengine, while blender is slow at catching up to realtime simulations these blender addons are surprisingly good at it

Easy Wake – Dynamic Ocean Addon

if you are going for a boat cruise inside blender, dont worry about baking fluids, do it inrealtime with the easy wake dynamic ocean addon, it can generate oceans in high detail with realistic materials, waves and wakes all in realtime.

and the amazing part about this addon is you can use curves to draw the parth taken by the boat, then the addon will drive the boat, add the wake and waves all in one go.

Blend Fx – Visual Effects Toolkit

the blender particle system has not been updated in years, no new features or performance improvements in a while, fortunately all the updates it needs can be found in this blend fx realtime vfx tool, from reactor particles, collision deformation, secondary particles and more, this is a collection of different realtime effects to add production value to your renders.

Winterify Deluxe

if you are working on a winter scene that you want to look realistic, take a look at this winterify delux addon with over 100 assets, its the best tool for effortless winter scenes, from materials, realtime particle effects, snow brushes, snow physics, shaders, textures, roads and road boarders and more.

Trail Fxs

if you are working on a cool fight scene, imagine flaming swords with trail fxs, this is what this addon does, it can add particle trails, fire trails, magic trails, flowers and more.

Particles+ Generate Particle Dynamics

what i like about particles is that they are lite weight, render fast, can be used to add alot of detail to a render and are useful in almost any scenario you have, for vfx, as dust particles, as extra debris, sand and more, this particle generator addon just adds more control and dynamics that are not possible with the default particle system.

Material Works

there are so many libraries for realistic materials, stylized and anime materials, what we don’t get alot are clean sharp, product presentation materails like this, materials like this are what you will see in an apple or samsung commercial, clean, slik and perfect looking, this library is great for product visualization artsists and hard surface modelers basically anyone who wants to present there models in the best looking materials.

Aqua Flow Pro

i watched the new avatar the last air bender comparing its vfx to the old one, this is miles ahead, this addon reminds me of the water bending scenes, while the fluids may not be as perfect or realistic as what you see in the avatar, the simulation is in realtime and easily directable with curves.


speaking of avatar, i think fire bending is more cooler or hotter than water bending, so if you want to make fire bending effects vdblab come with tools to help bend and direct fire, explosions, and smoke effects, so when you need a quick realistic and hyper detail explosion effect, this library will surely come in handy. it also packs shockwaves, debris, magic effects and more.

Omega Particle Fx V0.1

the blender addon space is attracting alot of artists who know what they are doing, take alot at these particles, they look mind blowing, take advantage of these experienced artists, they can help bring your art to a new level, this artist created a library of particle effects that you can simply drag and drop into your scene, from magic effects, dust particles, sparks and more.

Builder Pro

everyone needs a city or town, for there render at some point, most people need cities in different styles for different projects, medieval, middle eastern, acient, asian architecture, urban or modern cities, making them takes too much time so when you need one, take a look at this builder pro addon, it can create different styles with unique variations.

Moving Skies Addon

wonder why your renders look boring, take alook at your skies, how detailed do they look, are the clouds moving, do they produce great lighting, if not the moving sky addon comes with a collection of dynamic skies that have layers of clouds to give that realistic parallax movement in the clouds.

Explosion Generator

if you are working on animations, explosions are a great way to make your actions look cool and viewer engaging, unfortunately explosions are also hard to render, this realtime explosion generator creates amazing sylized explosions that render in realtime and easily directable.

Dynamic Paint Evo

what sells a vfx short, is impact, if you spill water on a material we expect it to get wet, if an explosion is set off in a short we expect it to leave some ground impact, cars driving are expected to live tire markings and so on, this is what dynamic paint evo excells at, adding those secondary effects and detail.

Sprite Particles For Realtime Vfx With Geonodes

blender is yet to catch up to embergen interms of realtime physics simulations, so if you want a realtime explosions inside blender, this sprite particles library is the next best thing,

Sprite particles facilitate the creation of diverse real-time visual effects, this technique, long embraced by the gaming industry is now effortlessly achievable within Blender, all thanks to the integration of Geometry Nodes.
Water splashes, bonfires, smoke and steam, if you wanted to add any of these elements using traditional methods, it would take you hours of baking a simulation, this method requires no simulations or baking, you just need to hit play, change the parameters and you will see the animation change instantly.

Disintegration Fxs V1.01

when people say houdini is better than blender they are 100 percent correct, but before you rush to switch to houdini remember you will still need blender for 90% of the other things you do, and the 10% that you need houdini for can still be archived with addons like this disintegration addon.

The world of VFX is changing, evolving into a real-time ‘what you see is what you get’ workflow. Let’s be glad that, while development on Blender’s side is slow for real-time FX, these add-ons and many more are here to fast-track us there, putting Blender on par with tools like Houdini, EmberGen, and others.

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