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Why cant these addons be part of blender as builtin features instead of independent projects, alot of people ask this in the comments and the answer is simple, just take a look at blenders new render engine Eevee next, it was expect to come in blender 4.0 then it was pushed to 4.1, and now 4.1 is here and it has been pushed to a latter release, adding new features is hard, adding new features that are to blenders quality standards is even harder but we as artists want new features, amazing tools, we dont care if there are from the blender development team or from mars we just want our software to work better, demand creates supply thats why we get these amazing tools

Stamp It! – No Shrinkwrap & Extra Geometry

like stamp it, which simplifies the process of applying decals and PNGs to models. It utilizes a “controller empty technique” that adds the decals without adding a single extra vertex to your project. The add-on works in both Cycles and Eevee!, you can layer detailed textures on to any object to add decal, water damage, moss, graphity and more.

Flaxtrax – Automated Camera Tracking

almost all vfx shots require motion tracking, to add cgi into the footage, while blender has a builtin motion tracking system, it only takes a few minutes of playing with it to realize there is alot of areas that need improvement, everything has to be done manually, if there is alot of movement in your footage, that mean alot of tracking points will be occluded through out the track, so you will need more, which will be occluded too, and you will have to add more, check for errors manually, what am saying its suprisingly alot of work, compared to what other tracking programs can do, so next time you need to do any motion tracking think about FlaxTrax, which does everything automatically, from adding points, tracking them, removing bad points and more, its going to save you alot.

Material Works

you are told that to make your renders look perfect you should add imperfections, add dirt, add rust, scrutches, grunge maps and so on, that is great in some areas, but not when you are doing clean renders for product presentation and visualization like apple or samsung products. for that your materials should look perfect, to show off the advertised product in the best lighting, best form possible, while it may seem easy to make such materials, anyone who has ever opened up blender knows its not that easy thats why alot of artists are downloading material works, a library of product visualization materials for professionals.

this looks like magic to me, you select missing parts of your meshes and the addon will fill them in, creating the expected topology and edge loops, all you have to do is draw some lines and let the addon do the rest, and you can also use it for retopology

Easy Wake – Dynamic Ocean Addon

speaking of why we need addons, don’t expect an addon like this to come into blender as a feature, what you can expect is a tool like dynamic paint, which will give you a general tool that can do alot of things but you have to spend hours and hours to get anything go out out it, to get ready to render results use,easy wake addon, all it does is simplify how you make racing boats and generates a full ocean with depth detail, detail waves and wakes, it does not do all the other things dynamic paint does but it gives you ready to render results.

Blend Fx – Visual Effects Toolkit

here is another tool that gives you ready to render results, blend fx, the alternative is using the particle system but you have to add 30minutes of work to get anything ready to render with that, here its just drag and drop and everything is ready.

Physical Celestial Objects – Procedural Planets

if you are waiting for a planet generator blender builtin tool dont hold your breath, if you want a planet generator right now that is ready to render, waste no time, Physical Celestial Objects Addon allows you to build real-scale planets with multi-layered atmospheres, procedural rings in real time while having cinematic visuals.  Save time and effort with pre-made planetary systems, that can instantly transform your scene and serve as a starting point for further customisation.

there so many things you need to make renders, you may not need them for each render but when you do you have to spend hours making them, like a space ship, vegetation, vines, fire, smoke, stairs, spider web, fluids, crystals, cables, cars, chains, rocks, ruins and a lot more, what if you dint have to make them from scratch, this library has 50 drag and drop generators for thing you need in alot of projects.

Physical Open Waters

when you are new to 3d, no one will tell you how often you need water in your renders, its a cheat code, if you dont have time to add alot of detail somewhere, just throw in an ocean into your composition, now half of your composition is done, oceans and water look amazing and can make renders look amazing that would otherwise suck, this is physical open waters, it makes amazing oceans that look great from far away and at close up.


if you need explosions, weather effects, like tornados, basically anything that has to do with volumes, you do have a few options, blender comes with its smoke simulation system, its slow and difficult to use but will still give you great results if you are willing to spend days working on one simulation, there is also embergen the best solution for simulating volumetrics, problem is its a monthly subscription, and then there is tru-vdb , with over 50 vdb simulations of every kind, the choice is yours.

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