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lets face it, the average blender user is 30 years old, time is not really on our side, if you are 16, 18 to 25 years and have no bills to pay, with a lot of time on your hands then you can go ahead and skip this video, for everyone else who enjoys working with blender but just have a few hours to play with it, here are some addons and libraries for the time bad artists that will give you ready to render results.


everything we do in blender takes time, from modeling, lighting, texturing and compositing, creating materials can be a monumental task, given that one composition can have more than 10 unique materials, if you are making materials on your own from scratch, i fear anyone who does not fear you, you must be dangerous, you can use that time in perfecting your shots by relying on libraries like Matkit, which is a large collection of over 80 materials that can be easily customized.

Light Wrangler: Masterful Lighting Made Easy In Blender

you can change the way your render looks by simply changing the lighting, try it on your old renders and see, sometimes its not the materials, or textures or composition, its simply the lighting. making sure your lighting process becomes the easiest part of your project is key to becoming a great artist. adjusting lighting in blender is a hustle, simplify that process with light wrangler, you click a surface you want lit and it gets light, you can also just hover over different parts of your model to control and move your light, its also realtime, again try it on your old renders see how much potential you missed.

City Generator – Generate Your Cartoon 3D City

speaking of ready to render addons, how about a full cartoon city generator, with everything, from buildings, crowds, cars, traffic all fully function just waiting for you to hit that render button, of course you can add your twist to it, use it as a set for your animations, the generator is fully customizable and procedural so you can tell as many stories as you want using unique cities.

Urbaniac! City Asset Pack

if instead you want a more realistic city backdrope, say no more, urbaniac is a full set of city assets, that are fully textured, hyper realistic and also ready to render, from roads, detailed billboards, decals, materials, buildings and alot more.

Human Generator Ultimate

its not be enough to have a city, you need people the human generator is truely the ultimate addon for creating human characters that are fully rigged, clothed, textured and ready for render time, you can customize just about any features, from size, skin tone, height, hair, clothing and more.

Stamp It! – No Shrinkwrap & Extra Geometry

sometimes what you need is a touch ups before you are ready to render, like adding graphiti on walls, water damage, dirt textures, posters and flyers, basically texture detail to make your render fill old, or alive. while these are just simple touch ups, they are not exactly simple tasks to do, you have to open up each material you want to add extra textures to and untangle a bunch of nodes just to add a simple graphiti, i know it sucks, but you can make it unsuck with stamp it, you dont have to touch the object, or its material, or untangle its material nodes, all you do is find the image you want to use and stamp it will project and stamp it to any nearby object.

Tree And Grass Library Botaniq – Trees

saving time is not the most important part of rendering, what is most important is making sure you are not leaving detail on the table, detail like trees, vegetations, rocks, plants and everything in between, the botaniq library is optimized to be usable for most computers, so not using it is purposefully leaving detail on the table.

Bp Geogen Ultimate Generators Bundle

ok, what do you need, ready to render, planets, rocks, grass, vines, cables, fence, water, ice, snow, fire, spaceship, scales, mountains, ruins, scifi effects. geogen ultimate procedural bundle has it all.

Population – Crowd Simulation

what else do you need, people walking, joging, working out, in the office, doing random things on the street, what are you looking for, business crowd, casual, fitness, all that in the population crowd simulation ready to render addon.

Procedural Building Generator 2

do you need more like, building, editable, different styles, customizable by simply draging faces around, with interchangable designs, and templates, Procedural building generator 2 is what you need.

Procedural Alleys

if you still need more? closeup urban buildings, with detailed alleys, well textured with props like air conditioners, stairs, balcons, street shops, street lighting, signs, billboards and more, say no more take this procedural alleys, it will add a bunch of people walking in the streats too to add more life to your shot.

Procedural Traffic – Addon And Rigged Cars

what eles are you missing ,cars, traffic, that behaves like real traffic, stops when there obstacles in the way, with auto drive and object avoidance capabilities, can simulate hundreds of cars with just a single swipe, then take this procedural traffic addon.

Sanctus Library – Procedural Materials

you want to experiment with different looks now, you are tired or basic materials, you want super realistic and customizable procedural materials, the sanctus library is an ever growing library of those so take that.

Blend Fx – Visual Effects Toolkit

take blend fx too, its a collection of effects to add detail to your animations, comes with a turn of effects anything you can think of.


Pure-Sky Pro

the sky is not even the limit for ready to render assets, you can visualize it too with the pure sky pro addon that produces ready to render skys, that are animatable, customizable and just look perfect.

Khaos: Ultimate Explosion/Destruction Add-On

alot of you are vfx artists, so here is one you will need, khaos ultimate explosion and destruction addon, explode everything, house, buildings any thing, the results speak for them selves.

Aqua Flow Pro

you probably need a water simulation addon too, that is ready to render, Aqua pro can be that simulator for you, its realtime, requires no baking and is ready to render with water shaders already setup for you.


one more be for you start rendering,if you need to add some explosion upclose or far away, vdblab has vbs with the right resolution, detail and epicness and are deserving of your render time.

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