Underrated Addons for Independent artists

as an independent artists you have to wear many, huts from a character designer, environment artist, technical artists, sculptor, shader designer, and more, while its possible to know how to do all these things, mastering them takes alot more time, so today we are going to look for artists who can supply you with ready made assets, collections and libraries and look at some of the most underrated addons for independent artists.

Character Generator –

each character in this collection took more than a few hours to make, thats why the threedee studio employs several artists to make hundreds of different characters that are used in this character generator addon that can generate more than 2 billion combinations of 3d characters, that are rigged and ready for you to animate.

Human Generator Ultimate

if you are looking for a more realistic output, human generator is an underated tool for creating realistic characters with all the details you can expect, you have control of almost every aspect of the character design process, from skin tone, hair style, accessories like clothing and more


our third underrated addon in blender is geo-swarm, which is a collection of bugs, insects, birds and over 50 insect species, they are all animated textured and can be used in the swarm system that lets you spawn swarms of bugs, flies and all other types of creatures included in there large library.

Physical Grass Scatter And Draw : Real-Time Physics

its easy to add or scatter grass into a scene, what is not easy is making the grass animated and interact with other objects in your scene, especially animated ones, this physical grass addon, can simulate collisions and interactions between grass instances and any objects you have in your scene, and thats why its in our list of most underated addons in blender.

Simply Cloth Pro

the blender cloth simulation system has been in blender since blender 2.1 but the easiest thing to use it for is making a waving flag or a blanket falling down, everything beyond that is quite complicated to do and requires a degree of expertise to pull off more complicated simulations like, shirts, dresses, curtains and more, simply cloth pro has been the best option for non technical artists who just want well made clothes in blender, given simply cloth also comes with a large library of premade clothes that can be added to any character, this is just a match made in heaven.

Physical Starlight And Atmosphere

blender sometimes teases you with a powerful feature like the sky texture but never delivers beyond the basic features, you either have to add those your self or find better alternatives like the physical starlight and atmosphere which is a full feature addon with things like animatable clouds, stars, day and night cycles and more.

Fracture Volume

speaking of better alternatives, the cell fracture is a great addon for fracturing objects, what it lacks is the ability to make detailed fractures, the fractures it adds are too simple and too clean for anything realistic you have to look for alternatives like fracture volume, which does the same thing but with more detail and more realisim.

Water Library Aquatiq – Water Assets

even with 2600+ sales the aquatiq water library still fills underrated, when you have it, adding rain becomes easy for you, making rivers is easier, making water puddles is a breeze, it simplifies anything that has to do with water effects, like water falls, fountains, oceans and more.

Flip Fluids

while the aquatiq library is great for water effects, they are mostly hacks made with shaders and particle systems, if you are looking for physics based water simulations your best option is flip fluids, you get more control, more realism, better viscous fluids and more.

Tree And Grass Library Botaniq – Trees

as an independent artist you can access hundreds of photo realistic trees, plants and vegetations from one addon, botaniq, this library has become the backbone of many environment artists with its library of ready to render trees, that come with different shaders for different seasons and wind animation.

Alpha Trees – Render Massive Forests, Fast

if you have a modest computer setup but you want to render massive forests, you can go simple with alpha trees, it uses a texture on a plane technique to replace millions of polygons per tree with just four, making it the best option for rendering dense forests, if you have a more powerful computer this just means you can render twice or 10x more than everyone else.

Bp Geogen Ultimate Generators Bundle

how about 50 drag and drop generators, would that be underated to you, from cable gerators, rock generator, snow, scales, fire, planet, spaceships, decals, bridges, and more all bundled in one simple tool.

Car Library – Traffiq Car Models – Rigged Cars, Contemporary Cars, Old Cars

there have been many car libraries that have come and gone, but any artists who have used traffic, which now includes a road generator will tale you that this is the most underrated addon of all time, first its a library of well made cars, then its a road generator and then a traffiq simulator, what more do you need.

Sanctus Library – Procedural Materials

every independent artist need a material library, and if you need one why not get one that is constantly updated, with procedural customizable materials of every type, comes with smart masks and every thing you need to make your materials look perfect.

Population – Crowd Simulation

it goes without saying, crowds in any render make that render look reach, expensive and just better, for so many reasons, human characters are hard to make, hard to rig, and hard to animated, so to have hundreds if not thousands in your render, makes your render look expensive and increases the production value of your render, the population crowd simulation addon makes it easy to add animated crowds in your render.

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