Ai can now animate and do more

No other industry is experiencing significant and rapid transformations comparable to the 3D industry? Disruption is occurring in all areas, from conceptual art to 3D animation, model creation, sculpting, and more. This is undoubtedly the most rapidly expanding and developing industry worldwide, with major advancements and features being introduced every year, month, and week. Today, let’s explore some fantastic new technologies that are either currently available or soon to be released.

Ai can now animate

A team of researchers from the University of British Columbia, in collaboration with Electronic Arts (EA) – the company responsible for FIFA and many other top-tier video games – has developed a physics-based system that can animate and control a football player without any human intervention. This system is capable of integrating a variety of motor skills necessary to juggle a ball successfully. By observing hundreds of professional football players, the system was able to learn how to juggle a ball and perform other tricks on its own. Additionally, this system is not limited to just playing with a football and can handle different shapes as well. The researchers used deep reinforcement learning to teach the system soccer juggling skills, which involved using a layer-wise mixture-of-experts neural network policy for efficient learning, a control graph to design the many skills and their transitions, and an adaptive random walk curriculum.

character creator 4 with dynamic wrinkle system

Animating characters can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but creating animated character faces is even more difficult. This is why most games, including AAA titles, tend to feature characters with limited facial expressions. This is usually done for optimization and time-saving purposes, as animating facial expressions requires a significant amount of time and effort, and the character’s face must have enough polygons to accommodate the necessary bending and wrinkles for the expressions.

To address this issue, many studios have a set polygon budget or a maximum number of polygons per character. If too many polygons are allocated to the face to allow for a greater range of facial expressions, it would leave fewer polygons for other areas of the character.

However, Character Creator 4 promises a system that won’t affect performance. The proprietary General Wrinkle system is designed to seamlessly enhance the appearance of characters of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. This system generates wrinkles that blend perfectly with the character’s skin tone and are fully compatible with SkinGen layer effects. Its advanced CC Wrinkle shader enables high-resolution multi-texture blending without sacrificing real-time performance.

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Godot 4

with in the same week, the long awaited Godot 4 is officially hear and its like a whole new game engine

After 3+ years of breaking and rebuilding from the ground up, godot 4 has received a complete core overhaul and a full engine rewrite, through 17 alphas, 17 betas and 6 release candidates

it has a new New renders and now has two new Vulkan backends cluster and mobile

Godot’s global illumination systems have been remade from scratch.

For the first time ever, Godot 4 introduces a novel real-time global illumination technique for large open worlds. SDFGI – or Signed Distance Field Global Illumination

to help improve the fidelity of your 3D scenes, we have worked on some exciting and long-anticipated features. Volumetric fog is making its first appearance in Godot 4, balancing a realistic look and fast performance, thanks to the use of temporal reprojection.

to top it off we have some new amazing addons for blender to look at this week

Wear and tear for blender

this addon will and wear and tear to any model you throw at it, bricks buildings and more, its a simple click generator that produces the results you want

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Crowd Fashion simulator

this could have been three addons in one, its a library of animated characters that you can pose, add animation too, its also a fashion addon that you can use to dress up your character and finally its a crowd simulator that you can use to populate your world with.

get crowd simulator

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