free geometry nodes River generator

geometry nodes is a gift that keeps giving and will try to keep up with this giveaway of a free geometry nodes river generator, that you can use to generate animated rivers from a curve object path.

the water is animated and follows the path you draw, it also has water form as an extra feature, you can remove the water form by using the cycles materials in the modifier settings of the generator.

if you prefer to use your own rock and grass assets you can change them as well using the modifier settings

you expose more parameters if you dig into the nodes your self, i only exposed the main parameters that parameters that let you:

  • adjust river width
  • river bank width
  • rock density
  • grass density
  • river material
  • grass asset
  • rock asset

how to use the river generator

all you need is to download the blend file, copy and paste the river object into your own project or turn it into an asset in your asset browser, then paste or drag it into your scene if you are using it as an asset.

select the river object in your viewport, the river generator is based off a curve object so you can go to curve edit mode by using the tab key.

you can use the draw tool to draw a new river and thats it, your river is ready to use.

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download free geometry nodes river generator

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