Generators that are better than modeling

there is no doubt the future is procedural, blender, maya, 3ds max, c4d, unreal engine, unity, and every other notable dcc applications are all moving towards a procedural workflow similar to houdini, in that spirit lets shift our focus to some amazing generators that are simply better than modeling.

Geometry Nodes procedural city generator

most of the time when i start any project i spend most of my energy on the main idea, the focal point of the project by the time am adding finishing touches am so exhausted i either give up or just dont add enough detail as i want, its at this stage where generators come to the rescue, imagine you have made your composition it looks great but lucks something maybe a city in the backgroud, am guessing most of you would give up at this stage, i know thats what i would do unless i have a procedural generator that can do that

Baga Ivy Generator

or maybe your render just needs some ivy growth, to make it pop, without a generator like bagaIvy most of us would procrastinate or give up all together because that would mean modeling a few leaves, and jumping into geometry nodes to figure out how to make it work. but if you have something like baga ivy then its just a simple click

Blend Fx – Visual Effects Toolkit

thats why i appreciate libraries like the blend FX, because its a collection of finishing touches, like a rock generator, ropes generator, cabels, rain, arrows, fire, trees, magic effects, sparks, dusty and more making sure when that time comes, am only one click away from the detail i need instead of giving up.

Physical Grass Scatter And Draw : Real-Time Physics

thats really the point of these generators, there many grass libraries out there, but none does grass physics like this physical grass scatter addon, imagine making a character runing in a bushy area or driving in a forest and you want to see collisions with the plants and leaves. thats an inflection point few will go that step further and add the collision because its too much work but whith generators like the physical grass scatter you dont even have to think about it, you just do it adding wind effects, trails and more giving your animation another level of realism.

Pattern Designer

procedural generators allow a level of flexibility and variation that no other tool or system can do, take an example of this pattern design generator, a Blender NodeGroup setup that allows you to transform any texture into appealing patterns. you can then use these patterns as textures, masks or displacement on meshes to give you non destructive designs and forms. with pattern design, you can make modern looking renders, ui assets, ancient looking places and more.

Rockify – Rock Generator Plugin For Blender

realistic rocks are hard to make, you either have to sculpt them or used 3d scanned ones, scanned models will always look better but they will never come in the shape you want, rockify is a rock generator that can shape rocks, clifs and stones, just model a basic shape for your stone to look like and generate the stone easily. unfortunately rockify does not generate texture or materials so you will have to add the materials your self using something like substance painter or

Sanctus Library – Procedural Materials

my recommendation for smart procedural materials the sanctus materials library, it comes with a large suply of materials that its impossible to look for something and not find it here. the library also comes with a complementally addon that lets you edit the materials the way you like.

Realtime Tornado Generator

if you are rendering or producing a short movie with any magic effects in it, magic tornados are a great way to show off, powerful sorcerers, this realtime tornado generator is based off a curve object you can easily edit to direct the tornado, its easy to use, it renders fast both in eevee and cycles, it can be a fire tornado, it can be a basic tonardo or a magical one with magical effects.

True-Terrain 5

to make a landscape like this, you need about 20 different trees, rocks, textures, grass, if you are using addons you may need several, one for importing trees, another for grass, another for the terrain or you can just use true terrain 5 that has everything in one package, it can generate large terrains and landscapes procedurally, you can include water bodies, mountains, cliffs realtime erosion tools, geometry blending and more. the layering system is also available for material generation, to add detail like vegetation cover, rocks, snow and more.

Physical Open Waters

it doesn’t matter how good a scultper or modeler you are, rivers and lakes cant be modeled so your only viable option are generators, the physical open waters can generate seas, oceans and more with waves in different conditions and detail you wont get anywhere else.

Fast Light Setup

when you talk about procedual generators most artists think about meshes, but did you know it can also be lights, this light setup addon lets you target your lights and reflections on specific parts of your mesh, this is great for product visualization where you need clean reflections to highlight areas of high interest and overall get better lighting out of it.

 Texture Folders

if you have to think about it too much, you are likely not going to do it, if you are not sure about the textures on your model but you know you have to do alot of clicking to change them, you are likely just going to leave it at that, but if it was just one click away, and you can easily switch between the textures, and browse your textures all inside blender then, making changes feels easy and fun thanks to the texture folders addon.

The Cloth Library Addon For Blender Version 4

this is true for other things like changing the clothes your characters are wearing or just having multiple characters in your scene because you know if they look the same and there clothes are the same its going to be too obvious, you end up not doing it, but if changing there clothes was easy then you would just do it, like using the cloth library addon.

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