Making grape fruits in blender

This is a good beginner tutorial as it introduces key parts of blender that are used for different things, we shall look at using the particle system particularly the hair system, modifiers and a few modeling techniques.

final render

Key steps in modeling a grape fruit

  • First add a plane, in edit mode select all vertices and merge then into one,
  • extrude this vertex into a brunch looking stick that will hold the grapes
  • select the tips of each brunch and create a new vertex group, we only the grapes to be at the tips
  • assign the selected vertices to the vertex group you created
  • navigate to the particle system and add a new hair particle system
  • change the source emit from option to vertices, so the hair particles can show
  • you can also check advanced to get more settings, to control the rotation,
  • in the rotation settings which will only be available if you have advanced on, change orientation to normal and add some randomization
  • in the particle render setting switch from path to object we now need a grape model to be our particle instance
  • you can model a single grape from a cylinder or subdivided cube,
  • you can also randomize the scale of each instance using the random scale option in the particle render setting
  • now lets give some thickness to our stick, go to the modifiers and add a skin modifier
  • if you want to reduce the radius of the stick, select all vertices or the vertex you want to change and use Ctrl + A to adjust the radius

Key modifiers used

  • Skin modifier to easily add skin or thickness to the grape brunch/stick
  • subdivision surface to smooth the stick
  • particle system to instance the grapes on the stick

key shortcuts used:

  • Ctrl+ A: when you have a skin modifier on an object in edit mode this short cut will let you adjust the thickness of the skin
  • Ctrl + LMB: when you have a vertex selected, you can extrude it to the clicked area
Reference image

Materials and settings screenshots:

grapes material setup

download project file

Checkout Texture folders:

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