Geometry nodes rail road generator

This is how to make a train track or road using geometry nodes in blender you can also download the final project file below.

summery or breakdown

  • create a curve object and give it a geometry nodes modifier
  • in geometry nodes add a curve to mesh node
  • add a curve line this is going to be the profile of the curve
  • set the x start of the line to -0.5 and the x end to 0.5, you may have to experiment with the correct axis it may be y for you
  • the -0.5 start and 0.5 end will ensure that the curve is in the middle of the rail
  • add a transform node between the curve line geometry output and the mesh profile input on the curve to mesh node
  • we can now scale the curve node and this will change the width of the rail proceduraly
  • you can separate the scale vector of the transform node to expose the x parameter in the modifier tab, by connecting the x value of the combined input to the input group node
  • subdivide the line curve to have enough resolution for the next step
  • add a store named attribute after the subdivision node name it factor
  • the attribute will be the output of the end selection node, this will save the end selection in the named attribute for later

rail road generator out in the wild

when ever you want a rail road in your scene, maybe this rail generator will be enough so you don’t have to make everything from scratch, i have this time reduce on the amount of customization you can do with this setup.

you can adjust the width, draw rails with the curve draw option and set different materials.

let me know if you would need more custom control, though i find that most of the time people don’t want that much control

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