this addon is just amazing, its free too check it out

wiggle 2.0 is an update to wiggle 1.0, this addon adds physics to bones in blender, all moving objects experience a force of inertia, the wiggle addon simulates that to your bone animation.

it also supports bone collisions so its a good candidate for ragdoll simulation, which is really hard to do without an addon in blender

Updated Version 2.1 Features:

  • Wind force support
  • More robust wiggling of bone heads
  • Some rudimentary handling of bone constraints like ‘Child Of’ and ‘Copy Location’ for more rigging flexibility
  • Baking option to push existing animation into NLA

New Version 2.0 Features:

  • New Physics Logic: Wiggling now behaves more realistically, especially when simulating simple ropes or chains.
  • Pinning: Using a damped track constraint on a wiggling bone pins it to its target, with other bones responding accordingly.

download wiggle bones

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