New Blender Addons

if you dont know yet blender 4.1 is already out and ready to download, with a turn of new features, with that we have also got some new amazing addons and generators that you may want to check out, from procedurally aging objects, city generators, character packs, parallax shaders, and improved motion tracking so lets dive in.

Agedfx – Age Complete Scenes

making materials, objects and textures look old is a complicated process that can take alot of time, you need to layer multiple effects on top of each other, if you want to make a transition animation from old to new, that is going to add a new level of difficult to the whole process, but this Agedfx addon simplifies the whole process into a few clicks

Gobo’s Plus – Procedural & 4K Gobos For Cycles + Eevee

if you want to refresh your gobos collection, a new pack of procedural gobos has droped, with extra effects like lasser projections, caustics, animation, blurry gobos and more, they are running a 60% discount for their launch so get it while its still available.

Procedural city generator

if you need a city, i made a geometry nodes based city generator, all you need is to add the asset to you asset library and when you need a city back drop, you just drag it into your scene, you can customize almost every parameter, switch out the building textures and more.

Character Generator – Access 2 Billion Combinations Of 3D Characters

if you are planning on making an animation series with a small team, make your production look massive with a big budget by taking advantage of these premade characters, this character generator can make more than 2billion character combinations to make unique characters, from doctors, nurses, cops, djs, dogs, cats and more, the characters come rigged, with a pose library to act as a starting point for you

Wparallax Retail 2 Kpack // One-Click-Interiors

if you have buildings in your scene, you should try wparallax, it uses parallax shaders to render interiors without adding any extra geometry to your scene, this technology is used alot in games like spiderman to render interiors, this is a great way to bring a new layer of depth and detail to your buildings.

Procedural Traffic – Addon And Rigged Cars

there is no reason why your cities should be empty, before addons it was understandable because making cars was hard, animating cars was hard and simulating realistic traffic was impossible too, but with new addons like procedural traffic, you get everything in a single package, you get hundreds of cars, fully rigged and animated, and the addon also handles the traffic simulation its self, all you have to do is setup the roads and the addon will do the rest.

Material Works

most material libraries are full of realistic textures and shaders,with scratches, grunges, concrete materials, and more, while having such materials is great, if you make product visualization for clients most jobs you will get need clean looking materials to render products like they are new, untouched, and perfect, and thats what the material works library has.

Light Wrangler: Masterful Lighting Made Easy In Blender

they say A bad workman blames his tools, but some times bad tools are too blame, you can’t replace a spade or shavel with a spoon and expect the same results, you cant expect a graphics card from 2007 to produce the same results as a 4090ti, if your lighting sucks its ok to can blame the tools, good lighting comes from experimenting with your lights, light wrangler is a new addon that makes playing with lights a lot easier and faster.

Flaxtrax – Automated Camera Tracking

blender has always had great systems, like a good smoke simulator, great physics system, and cloth system what it lacks is great tools to help artists in using these system, motion tracking in blender seems easy until you want to track a lengthy short, or a fast flying drone short where tracking points move out of the scene really quickly, the auto features that come builtin dont work very well, and since you need alot of points to track it becomes a tuff job, this is what the new flaxtrax automated camera tracking came to solve, its built on top of blender motion tracking enhancing it and giving artists all the necessary tools to create the best track, weather its a drone shot, fast moving shot, basically anything you want.

tonardo generator

my channel is a vfx channel so occasionally we make some generators to help make effects, this is a tonardo generator i made, this generator comes with a full tutorial on how i made it taking you through the step by step process of making a tonardo using geometry nodes.

Procedural Rock Generator For Blender

speaking of procedural things, here is another amazing generator you may find usefuls

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